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Comics Possibility of Spider-Girl coming into Classic Universe


May 7, 2006
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I think it'd be cool.:up: :) What if Kaine put here into a age progresser and has been training her. He tells her Ben was her real father and Pete killed him. Then we find out Ben's alive too.:eek: LOL Or not. How would you wanna bring her in?
i wouldnt like that to happen all at once tis better to span it out a few arcs like have peter find out she's alive then find her and find out that ben is alive aswell, to find out its again one of norman's plans using may and ben as pawns,
I wouldn't mind seeing what became of Baby May...
Yeah me too. Maybe this is what they'll do after the Spider-Girl series ends. Kinda like what DC did after they stopped Batgirl.
The only reasons I don't think Baby May/Spider-girl will ever be brought into the main stream is because a) she is a piece of the Clone Saga, which Marvel seems to want as charred and buried as the clone that was in the smoke stack.

B) They use Spider-man as their cashcow, sadly enough, so deterring attention from him wouldn't give them what they want. Makes me think of Arana, though she isn't a direct Spider-girl, she has seen less success I believe than Spider-girl is said to have had.

C) The bas taste that Spider-man's marriage seems to have to JQ, giving him a child would push further down that family line, and again derail Marvel's bottom line.

I love Spider-girl, but as many times as they've wanted to pull the plug on her series, I think Marvel wants to wash their hands of her completely. It's a dissapointment in my opinion.
i want them both back but don't see it happening.
I'd much rather have May be a baby. She wouldn't be Spider-girl if she wasn't raised by her parents.

I would love to see how she earned her nickname "Mayday":spidey:
I'm not interested in seeing Spider-Girl in the 616 universe.
MaxCarnage said:
I'm not interested in seeing Spider-Girl in the 616 universe.
You're right.....she doesn't, and the MC2 Universe fits her JUST fine.
It would make for a good arc for a couple of issues, for this falls reboot to use. However bringing her in full time would inevitably be like Defalco himself said, "a closed door"
I want peter to have twins and that would be that. Oh and fire whoever though up the whole gwen f'ked norman arc and umm brung uncle ben back,the other......and the list goes on.(yep time to get sentry to recon the spiey universe).

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