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Predictions for the next Batman movie


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Oct 31, 2006
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List them all and lets see how close to the truth we get.

First of all, obviously there will be another one.

- The new director will have to make it in 3D whether they want to or not
- It will tie in to the Justice League
- The Joker will be hinted at but probably not brought back in to prominence
- Robin will be in it.
I would like to see the new trilogy focus more on the Bat Family. Nolan's films continually gave them the shaft (except for John Blake, but does he count really?). What I want to see is Batman dealing with a partner, or partners, and then feeling the pain of losing them, or having them move on from him, like with Nightwing or Jason Todd. Barbara Gordon would be a nice element too.

After TDKR and The Avengers, I think making it an ensemble film would be best, too. While I loved TDK, if they were going to do a Bat Family film, that ensemble style would work better, with Batman, Dick, Commissioner Gordon, Barbara, etc having their own little sub plots that lead into the grand finale.

Another thing is more fantastic villains. If this'll take place in the JL universe, there should be a bigger emphasis on how awesome Batman is. He's a human being fighting supernatural creatures from time to time. His determination makes him incredible in that sense. Seeing him fight the Joker and Ra's was awesome, but what about a fight with Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy? This would be a chance to really cut loose with the special effects and show fights that really are spectacular.

Also, he needs to say he's "The Goddamn Batman" at least once, or someone else refer to him as that. It wouldn't serve any purpose, might even be hokey, but I know I'd grin.
They need to make the next Batman series slightly more fantastical to separate it from Nolan's. Freeze, Penguin, Killer Croc can all be brought in if done properly. Personally they should either make Joker a background villain and hint at him until the final film or just wait to include him altogether until the finale.
That's sort of why I'm hoping Aronofsky is the next director because he knows how to tell a story that's a bit fantastical but also dark and psychological and kind of grounded and he's a geek as well.
I don't know about Aronofsky. I love his films, but I don't know how he'd handle a large action scene. He'd definitely nail the moody drama side of things though.
I agree with the idea of bringing Batman more in line with the superhero world - which is obviously where it has to go if they're looking at Justice League. The statements issued so far indicate that DC Entertainment is looking to make their movies a bit grittier than the Marvel adaptations.

You'd obviously have to differentiate this new Batman world from the Nolan trilogy. I think it best to leave Nolan's work alone and go in a different direction.

At that point it becomes a question of where to begin. A younger Batman? And where are you leading beyond Justice League? How will it tie into JL? Do you act like the JL has already been around? What about Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing?

I like the idea of having the film open up very heroically with Batman and Robin (Dick Grayson) together, fighting a villain out of the rogues gallery. Early in, Dick decides he needs his freedom and leaves (maybe setting up a Teen Titans film?), so we see Bruce having to face a crisis without Robin for the first time in years. The house feels empty and a wicked scheme is unfolding in Gotham that ends up being part of a larger plan that Darkseid is engineering that will be dealt with by the Justice League.

I think a key is to be able to take a look at Bruce still without it being all about the villain. But I think a general audience knows Batman's story well enough that it does not need to be retold again - and it could even be done so that he does get help from Dick in the form of Nightwing to close out the film.
Bruce Wayne has been Batman for about 7 years
Dick Grayson is now Nightwing
Barbara Gordon is now Oracle
Jason Todd will have already died at the hands of the Joker

In order to make Batman seem more "Justice Leage accessable" a more fantastical villain like Killer Croc,Mr Freeze or Clayface will appear along with more reality based criminals like Hugo Strange,the Riddler,the Penguin or Black Mask.
Unless they for some reson decide to do another movie after Nolan's trilogy, I honestly have to say the next films will not e so dark. I'm talking mid-point between Nolan/Burton's films and Schumacher's fils. I honestly say this because wit the recent tragedy and now news agencies claiming all kinds of influences related to batman, even if the reboot is years away, I see WB going for a more family friendly version this time. Maybe it'll tie into a JL movie, maybe not, but I think they'll try to appeal to a bigger audience with another take on the "dumbed down" Batman film. I mean hey, as long as it isn't like B&R, right?
I predict that no matter who does it, they are not going to meet critical expectations, but then again it'll be more of a standard popcorn movie (a DAMN GOOD popcorn movie) and not so much a Oscar-candidate Nolan film.
I would like to see Red Hood or a similar thing before the Joker's full appearance.

a flashback to Bruce's parents death would suffice. the new set of films should already start off with Bruce as Batman. if anything, the new film should focus on Dick becoming Robin. he can have an origin. have Dick's parents death tied to the mob.
I really hope its a tie-in for the Justice League movie. I'll save Robin for the sequel. I want to see Mr. Freeze as the main villain!
This is becoming a bit of an 'I want such and such in this movie' sort of thread.

This thread is more about predictions for what you think will happen in the next series.
I don't want another Origin movie the movie needs to start out with Batman already there. i want more action in the next Batman film it should show Batman investigating crime, stopping crime, have new Villains like Clayface ,Deadshot, Hugo Strange, a new Mr. Freeze and Riddler not the Arnold and Jim Carrey ones, I want it to feel a bit more comic booky but i still want it to be serious at the same time. i also want a better design for the Batmobile and Bat Wing as well as a new Bat suit something like the Arkham Assylum costume or the new 52 Batman suit. And I want to see Batman have a sidekick.
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- No origin

- No Joker, Two-Face, Bane or the al Ghuls

- I wouldn't mind a darker take on Scarecrow

- Use Robin, but I'd rather we get Tim Drake with an older Batman
I would like to see Batman as a long running film franchise, this way you can slowly introduce the Robins and other characters. If not i think that a tv show would be the right way to go with a film every 2-3 years that may or may not have ties with the tv show
I do predict the tone to lighten up pretty heavily in the next Batfilm. I just hope they don't over correct and we end up with Batman and Robin all over again. Too much camp.
I think we'll get The Riddler. Studio pushed for Nolan to use him so I can see them telling who ever takes the reigns to pretty much be forced to use o'l Edward.

I'm thinking something more along the lines of the Arkham games as far as look.
A film that does not try to imitate Nolans versions, it needs to be it's own thing. I wouldn't mind the arkham asylum games style, they seem to have a good direction.
As far as predictions go here are a few

*The next film will probably be more action/ adventure oriented than brooding and dramatic.
* They'll probably go with a 20 something , younger, unknown or rising thesp as Batman much like they cast Andrew Garfield as Spiderman.
* The film will definately be in 3D, assuming its still the rage by the time the development of the film gets going
* This Batman world will be a world in which superbeings exist , which sets the stage for JLA
* They'll want the film to appeal to a wider teen and family audience as opposed to the Nolan films which were geared more towards adults
* I actually think they bring out the big guns like Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Mr Freeze etc for the next film. I think the Nolan route of minor baddies as introduction probably won't happen for the first film.
* Cast will be made up of younger versions of characters such as Gordan, Alfred, and the love interest, in order to keep them around for potentially several sequels.
* Overall , I think the tone of the next film will be more along the lines of The Batman and ASM in terms of a younger, fresh , brooding hero .
* WB will get a young fresh director whom they can keep the reigns on until they've proven themselves
* They're not gonna do the origin again, at least for the first film.

* If all else fails , they'll go to with a truck load of cash Bale and try to woo him back for a justice league film , Nolan continuity be dammed.:cwink:
I really thought that Nolan's Batman was going to be more karate and flipping and was a little let down when he was just a brawler.

I also agree that the suit needs to be more like the recent Marvel guys
IF it is going to be a reboot:

- Origin will be revealed similar way as Batman 1989
- Villains will not be killed off that soon, probably
- Gotham will be less modern
- Robin in the sequels
- Batmobile will be in bat-shaped once again

I tried to be less "what I want to see" and more "how the studio will relocate it".

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