Romance Project Artemis - Johansson, Tatum

Captasha reunited attempt #2! It says the story involves the space race, I hope it's not a biopic.
How many movies have they been together in sans the MCU stuff?

Anyway, interested in the synopsis so we'll see where this goes.
Outside of MCU, I think they’ve only been in two other movies together: The Perfect Score and The Nanny Diaries.
I guess Chris Evans walked once Jason Bateman left.
Any intrigue in this project walked with them as well.
Didn't realize Evans had dropped out of this
And after Scarlett dropped out of "Ghosted", hope the two of them ain't beefin'
Scarlett looks so good done up in that period of hair and outfit, got flashbacks when she played Janet Leigh in Hitchcock
I know it'll be different, but any 60's space media has the rough uphill battle post For All Mankind.
What's with ScarJo and Chris not working on the same project anymore? :funny:

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