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Dec 31, 2001
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For those of you wondering what this is all about, allow me to explain.

This is a little Survivor Contest. Our two teams were tasked to create a Public Service Campaign to assist people with right and proper use of some aspect of the internet.

The were required to submit at least two banner/posters, and a story board and script for a PSA video. They were allowed to do more, but those were the minimum requirements.

What do we need from you? Very simply, we need your votes.

So please, check out each team's PSA campaign and vote your favorite.

Team A: Six Don't Rules of Posting Photos on Internet Message Boards

Team B: Why So Stupid?

Thank you for your support. :up:
Yuck, what a waste of perfectly good garbage.
Why so stupid is horribly unfunny. I vote Team A.
A but why is the poll not public......if we see a jump from team B I call shenanigans b/c that wasn't funny at all and I kept having to go back and forth from the script to the pictures....which was annoying....
Because the way this challenge is set up, whether or not they use fake votes doesn't matter. If they want to, they can. There are other mechanisms in place.

Hosts are all-wise. :o
Team A's crack me up! Great job, guys (and DT!). :up:
Yeah, Team A definitely takes the cake on this one. Silly people and their silly pictures...
Team mine! (A) DT did a great job.

And that Mee guy. :heart:
I voted A all the way :up:
Voted Team A....and it just me or is the second guy in the "don't post pics flexing banner" wearing a dress? :huh:
Oh it does.

It does.
Team B's mother heard a loud thud from upstairs.
She ran up to find Team B hanging by a crudely fashioned noose, in the closet.
Paramedics tried to revive Team B, but it was too late. :(

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