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Dec 11, 2004
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From the Gametrailer forums:

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition: 69%. Lost Planet was released on Xbox 360 over a year ago, but it looks worse on PS3. The conversion process has blurred the games textures - especially the once-subtle snow effects - and its frame rate stutters when larger enemies fill the screen. Overall: The odd mind-blowing set-piece aside, Lost Planet is rarely truly exciting - just functional.

I'm just a little bit sick of these multiplatform games turning out to be worse on PS3 now. If Infinity Ward can do it for one of the best looking games on the market, in my eyes, no one has any excuse as a game developer to be lazy enough to not bring the PS3 version up to scratch.

Remember when Capcom said to PS3 gamers "See how you feel at the end of next week." to those who felt let down? We were all dissapointed that it was only Lost Planet. Now its a worse version of it, I'd say people are more annoyed at Capcom than they originally were.
I knew this game was doomed, when I couldn't even get the Demo to work...
This game looked ****ty on the 360, I am not surprised that it's ****ty on the PS3.
Why they feel the need to port mediocre games in the first place I'll never know.
Lost Planet sucked on the 360. Common sense dictated that it was going to suck on the PS3.
I was not terribly impressed by the 360 version, from what I played of it. It had nice graphics, but those do not a good game make. It's a not-so-subtle reminder that Japan still has a lot to learn about making shooters. But hey, at least you can tell they're trying.
Multiplayer was great. Pitty that the game looks worse on the PS3.
I just finally got it to connect and the demo sucked. The controls are horrendous as far as moving the guy. I think this is one game thats better with the 360 controller. Ive played it on the PC and didnt find it a chore
How strange....the demo has worked fine for me since I downloaded it. In fact, I played frag tag for an hour last night with the demo.:huh:
I have to try like 20 times before I can get into a game, constantly refreshing the list and hitting the join button as soon as it's loaded.
I usually have to try a few times, but nothing that bothers me too much.

As far as the connection, it seemed to work rather smoothly, not really much lag to speak of, and the graphics seemed pretty good. I never played it on 360 so I don't know how they compare.
Yeah, for all the trouble it took to connect, at least it was more or less lag free in the actual matches...

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