Quesation about Scott...



Who ever said Scott will die or not die. Is that just speculation or did someone actually confirm it. I am sure it is posted some place but I can't find it. Help help help! And besides I read the junior novel and not everything in it will happen or that would just be stupid.
yah i think in the novel it said he came bak i think it 3was there i'm not sure...
No one yet knows! Still a big question that is not answered.
It would be great if they had "unknown brotherhood member"ed him at the line up shot. Like he was just out of frame and does not die until the end battle or not die at all.
ok thats what i thought......... i think the big surpise is that everyone good lives and they all dance on maggie's grave:)
X dies though...but he could come back???
The Junior novel has been all but confirmed taken from a very early script.
Cyclops has to come back. His story isn't done. He needs to at least find Madelyne(a way for Famke to come back) or Emma.
It was said in AICN script review. Next time just ask in the thread devoted to the character

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