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Question About PvP Games


Dealin' W/ Demons
Jun 14, 2006
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So, I really hate pvp. Let me explain why. It seems that somehow they are rigged. What I mean is, that for some reason, one player is able to do far more damage to another player. Even is they are both using the same character. It's as if something in the programming decides which team is going to win before the match starts and then nothing goes right for one team. For example, Overwatch. I was using D.Va and so was an opponent. I'm shooting them nonstop and they aren't dieing and yet, they hit me a couple times and I'm dead. I've had this happen when they are using a character that is much weaker than mine but still manage a one-hit kill! I've seen them recharge ultimates in rapid succession.

In Destiny, I've seen players moving way faster than is possible in the game. I've seen people getting hit with head shots and not taking damage.

Are these people hacking/cheating? Is the game just handicapping certain players? I can't believe I just suck that bad. I understand a lot of people have skill at pvp but, come on! Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then!

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