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Question: who does do heroes(and villains) costumes?


Mar 17, 2006
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Lately it occurred to me: who does DO heroes(and villains) costumes? All right Captain America and Wolverine were issued with their uniforms (and Spider-Man silkscreened his own), but few if any heroes/villains appear to have any experience in fashion design(excluding the late Janet Van Dyne). Could there be a whole underground industry of tailors who for a fee design heroes/villains outfits for a fee( this is of dubious legality but NOT illegal per se)?


PS I ask because I'm currently working on a portrait of Seraph- her costume looks like it was styled by Dior or Armani as opposed to GUM Department Store in Moscow!
There's at least one tailor that superheroes go to in New York. Spider-Man visited him once.
Doesn't Reed Richards provide most heroes with costumes that have some unstable molecules somthing-er-other that he invented. Or maybe it was Hank Pym I'm thinking of...
It seems usually heroes either make their own costumes, or there's this odd tailor (in New York at least) who custom makes costumes.

Speedball had both his costumes tailored by this guy. The dude even asked Robbie if he could just remake the old Speedball costume, rather than the devastating Penance costume.
JMS wrote a Spider-Man story about this old guy in New York who works as a tailor, making costumes for superheroes and supervillains alike.
The Punisher gets his skull shirts at Hot Topic
In an old Deadpool issue there was this place that specially catered to super powered types, though he got his original costume from a normal costume shop.
LOL there should be a mini-series based on the events of a superhero tailor and his clients :p
Gladiator used to make costumes, didn't he?
LOL there should be a mini-series based on the events of a superhero tailor and his clients :p

Maybe not a print book, but that'd actually be a decent webseries.

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