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bullet in your face
Jun 15, 2005
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i cant be bothered to look in my 'a dame to kill for' novel, but is bob (michael madsen) the cop who
falls for ava, and ends up killing his partner and himself?
No, that's Mort. You know, the guy they failed to establish in Sin City 1? The one they, for whatever bizarre reason, decided to replace with Bob in the prison pick-up scene? Mort was the visitor to Hartigan's hospital bed that KNEW Hartigan wasn't guilty...you know, that very important scene we never see?

Yeah, him.
Mort visits Hardigan in the hospital in the extended cut, but Bob still picks him up afterwards. Apparently Miller was in charge of all changes in the script (it says so in the extended cut's extras). I would have prefered Mort to pick him up but, the audience (non-fans) would have had no idea who he was, since his character is esstablished in "A Dame To Kill For".
Hmm. I still disagree with the change. What Sin Cit was sorely lacking were those very moments they decided to cut out. Marv with his blind mother in his old bedroom, the people that were affected by what happened to Hartigan at his bedside...if they'd have included those very small bits, the movie would only have been marginally longer, and shown a bit more range and depth to each character.

Oh well.
In Sin City, Mav chopped up the painted cop with the tattoo on his face.

Does that character show up in any of the other books/stories? He seemed like a badass.

Let me know!


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