Rapper Severs Penis, Jumps Off Building, and Survives


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Apr 4, 2004
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Rapper Andre Johnson severs penis, jumps off building, survives
By Pamela Gocobachi on Apr 16, 2014 at 5:29PM

Police have reported that Andre Johnson, a rapper reportedly associated with the Wu-Tang Clan family, severed his penis and then jumped off a building in North Hollywood early Wednesday morning. Despite being severely injured, Johnson survived the fall from the second level of the building.

Authorities were able to rush Johnson and his recovered penis to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he is currently being treated, according to Los Angeles Police Sgt. William Mann.

Despite early reports made by CNN stating that Jonson is a member of Northstar, a Long Beach, Calif.-based hip-hop group that was part of the Wu-Tang family, according to the Wu-Tang Clan’s own website, the hip-hop group is now claiming that Johnson has no affiliation with them.
If you're taking drugs that make you want to cut off your own junk and jump off a building, you're taking the wrong kind of drugs. :o
Reminds me of the opening lyrics to the Method Man song from the first Wu album. :o
I was like....meh...I never go on the Hype at night....let me check it out and see what everyone's up to....

Nope, never again.
So did he accidentally cut off his dick then decide to kill himself? Cause I could see why a man might want to end his life after cutting his dick off.
I'm not sure how you accidently do something like that but I suppose it's possible.
Second crass joke in a row and yet none of you have remarked on his last name being Johnson. :o

Get your **** together, Hype.
I guess "Cash doesn't rule everything around him."

It's just such a shame..I heard the ladies called him Andre the Giant but now he'll be Andre the Eunich.

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