RATE and REVIEW the second season of JESSICA JONES

Discussion in 'Jessica Jones' started by psylockolussus, Mar 14, 2018.


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  1. psylockolussus

    psylockolussus Well-Known Mutant

    Aug 19, 2004
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    I'm giving it a 6.5 to 7. The half of the season was just really a bit dragging for me especially with the mother/daughter relationship. I was also pretty bored watching this. They could have easily trimmed the entire thing into six episodes to make it more engaging and fast paced. The first few episodes were quite exciting since they were other super powered humans but it didn't last long. And Patsy is still Patsy. Meh.
  2. Dasher10

    Dasher10 I'm like Deadpool IRL

    Jul 22, 2013
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    I literally just created this thread last night.
  3. raisethe3

    raisethe3 Legion of Boom

    Aug 9, 2009
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    @OP- I felt the same. They dragged the mother-daughter relationship too long. Could've easily done this in like 5-6 episodes. I do like the return of Kilgrave though.
  4. parkerpete

    parkerpete Well-Known Member

    Feb 18, 2003
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    6. It had a strong moral quandary at its core, and Janet McTeer and Ritter are great, but there was so much bad writing.

    SO much bad writing.
  5. Kuwolski

    Kuwolski g r u n t - m a n

    Dec 31, 2017
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    Solid 8. Not as strong as the fantastic first season, but still enjoyable with a lot of strong moments. There was bad writing in spots, especially some ridiculous contrivances, but I'll still take this lesser season 2 over Luke Cage any day.

    DD S1: 9.5
    Punisher: 9
    Jessica Jones: 9
    DD S2: 8.5
    Jessica Jones S2: 8
    Luke Cage: 7
    IF: 7
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2018
  6. TheVileOne

    TheVileOne Well-Known Member

    Apr 3, 2002
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    I'm at about 5-6. I feel like it started from a decent place. Exploring Jessica Jones' backstory and how she got her powers. And after midway through, the show basically veered off the rails and never found its footing again.
  7. BoredGuy

    BoredGuy Chairman of the Bored

    Jan 5, 2008
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    I agree with this
    It was a good season just not as strong as season 1, the only thing i really hated was Trish

    My list is almost the same order as yours too: DD1, JJ, Punisher, DD2, JJ2, LC, Defenders, IF
  8. pr0xyt0xin

    pr0xyt0xin Shaper Savant

    Jul 26, 2012
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    Honestly, it didn't wow me. It was entertaining, I still like Ritter and the supporting cast. But without Tennant and Colter it just failed to keep my attention perfectly the way the first season did. It was still good though. I hope to see more of Ritter's Jones.

    DD S1: 9.5
    Punisher: 9.0
    DD S2: 9.0
    JJ S1: 8.5
    Defenders: 8.5
    Luke Cage: 8.0
    JJ S2: 8.0
    IF: 6.5

    Avg: 8.375
  9. jolldan

    jolldan Well-Known Member

    Mar 6, 2014
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    Jessica Jones Season 2 Review & Rating

    Yes I know I am super late to the party but I've got to say I really enjoyed this second season of Jessica Jones.

    How It was Better

    1. Jessica felt more emotional in this season. Don't know if it was just me but in season one at times Jessica felt more of just the character we were hearing the story through very little seemed to really affect her and I know that's part and parcel with her being more suspicious and distrusting of people since Killgrave but it made some moments fall flat to me.

    2. Janet McTeer the stand out star of the season for me. Every time she was on screen I was totally engrossed. Even from the first time she meets Jessica before the even announced who she was I had a feeling of uneasiness. The one thing that pissed me off something chronic was how they killed her off.

    3. Malcolm loved the little brother big sister relationship between these two but I liked even more that they put a breaking point. It was funny the first 10 times she fired him but after that you did start to wonder if he'd ever grow a backbone. So to see his character making such a big change towards the end was refreshing.

    4. By the end of the season she's in a much worse place than she started. In what seemed pretty fitting since things never go well for Jessica the show wraps up with her in a much worse state than the start of last season. She's lost her mom again (along with her lovely perception of how her childhood was), she's lost Malcolm, she's lost Trish and she could have also potentially lost Hogarth. Granted she has Oscar & Veto but for how long?

    How It Was Worse

    1. Missed Killgrave. Yes I know its not the writers fault but when you have possibly the best Netflix Marvel villain, hell one of the better on screen villains marvel have done period. Now that he's gone you are gonna notice the void that character leaves. I did enjoy his little appearance though.

    2. Trish. AAAAAHHHHHHHH I just want to scream at the screen nearly every time she was on it. I think I understand what they were trying to do in a sense of showing Trish as the opposite side of that hero coin. She definitely took things too far because by the end I was shouting at my screen for Jessica to kill her lol she's become super unlikeable. So much so that when I seen her little tease of Hellcat powers I wasn't even excited I was annoyed. That after all the things she's done this season she's come out with pretty much what she wanted.

    3. The Hogarth/Healer Just felt like one of the weaker parts of the show for me the whole time I was thinking how Jerry has consistently been displayed as one of the smartest women on this show and that there is no way she would buy this.

    Rating 8.5/10

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