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Jan 25, 2008
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Be honest, was it one of the better CBM trailers or was it disappointing.
It was great, but I have to admit that it's mostly cause of Shane Black, had I seen this really really bleak trailer of Iron Man but the movie was being directed by someone else, I'm not gonna lie, I would be really scared.
Pretty much exactly what we needed to see-- what emotional journey to expect, not so much that it spoils, some spectacle, idea of stakes, and direction they're taking with this sequel, if not most of Phase II.
Great trailer.
That trailer got me pumped for next summer.
On par with Marvels other best trailer (the first Iron Man)
Great trailer is great!
Amazing trailer. This is the first sample of how our heroes will be affected by the blowback of the events that occurred at the end of Phase 1.

Like some said this seems to be the overarching nature of all the movies that we're going to see in Phase 2. Powerful and resilient humans and aliens alike against the dark forces of the universe all culminating into The Avengers 2.

I think IM3, Winter Solider, Dark World, GotG and Ant-Man are all going to compliment each other incredibly well. I know that sounds premature but the potential Marvel is setting itself up for is humungous.
Not bad really. Tony's House takes about as much abuse as his armor lol
depsite no Black widow in film trailer Is already better than Iron Man 2.Shane Black was
good choice to do film based on this.Even mandarian looks better than expected.
Its an excellent trailer, gave me what I have been waiting for, Mandarin, I have been really excited to see what Shane Blacks take on the film would be, the feel of it, how Stark deals with what happened in New York, whats important to him, i feel alot better now after seeing this trailer and that it appears to be in good hands with Shane Black at the helm.
I loved it! You can feel the tone of the movie, very bleak for Stark. Can't wait to see more.
For me, it was a perfect teaser. I've already watched it about 20 times so far, no small feat while taking care of a baby at home LOL!

Totally amped for IM3!
This trailer just raised the stakes for the whole franchise and the MCU. I just hope the payoff lives up to expectation.
The trailer wasn't perfection, but it was just great! I'm definitely pumped for the this and the future of the MCU.
I though the teaser was perfect. It left audiences with questions so it wasn't a spoilerfest. The trailer focused more on character than several pieces of action sequences. Also, the tone. While RDJ brings his charm to the character, which brings some comical aspects, it's nice to see the character get a serious movie (from what I gather from the trailer) which is refreshing. Also, great score to the trailer, it all worked brilliantly.
I'll tell you what excited me most: the fact that the villain is the Mandarin and not a generic corrupt businessman in a rip-off Iron Man armor. That got me excited. The trailer didn't look like a retread of the first two films.
I say it's great since it provided a sense of the tone the movie will have, had some great action shots and didn't give away the complete plot of the movie.
I am a HUGE Batfan, and I loved that trailer more than any of the TDKR ones (maaaaybe except for the Nokia trailer...).

Shane Black is going to make this THE best installment.
Thought it was great. Perfection is going a little far.
His house. :( I hate seeing great achitecture be destroyed, even if it is CGI.

And oh, it's good. I like my movies to have some comedy in them, and seeing that this is Tony Starke here, lack of comedy knocked it down a few notches for me. And, I'm not too thrilled with the depiction of Pepper Potts being a damsel in distress.

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