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Nov 17, 2005
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If you had to recast each member of the X-Men from the first film to X3 who would your back up's be? I'll submit my answers later but I'm hoping to see what others think because it'll be kind of fun to see what we come up with and more will pop up at the same time.

From A-Z.

Some of them are hard because Kelsey is the perfect Beast and Patrick Stewart is Professor X and will be the hardest to switch. I think it'll be easier to accept someone else replacing Jackman as Wolverine than Proessor X. I know it's hard to get passed what we're used to but it's gonna happen at some point be it in X4 or X8. Choose from actors that are old enough to play the role today not 10 years ago and not 10 years from now.
Not that I'd ever want to recast most of the already established cast, but I thought this would be fun anyway. Obviously this isn't everyone. I was drawing a blank on certain characters (like Beast). Also, some of the younger members I had trouble with because I don't know many good, young actors.

Wolverine - James Purefoy
Charles Xavier - Ben Kingsley
Magneto - Terence Stamp
Jean Grey - Saffron Burrows
Cyclops - Timothy Olyphant
Storm - Gina Torres (if we ignore age: Angela Basset)
Rogue - Keira Knightley
Sabertooth - Clancy Brown (I just can't think of anyone else... and I don't want another wrestler)
Mystique - Tricia Helfer
Angel - Jensen Ackles
Lady Deathstrike - Michelle Yeoh
Multiple Man - Nathan Fillion
Psylocke - Li Gong
Callisto - Fairuza Balk
haha this thread is going to get severely flamed. but hey, we havent done this in a while, so might as well have some fun while we can.

xavier: just cant do it. its always patrick.

wolverine: james purefoy is actually a really good choice! good job Yve.

storm: thandie newton, although she has the same petiteness/prettiness "problem" as halle. but she is great with accents. sadly there is a shortage of black actresses.

jean: dont hate, but i always thought ashley judd really looked the part. c'mon, she's shown some potential! and she already looks like dark phoenix in this pic.

cyke: tough one. aaron eckhart has a squared jaw. just needs darker hair. and imagine the visor there.

rogue: if they went older, evangeline lilly would be nice (and proof that a hot rogue does not mean we just want dumb boobaliciousness). younger, they could just cast anyone. anna paquin looks as much like rogue as anyone.

i really liked that most of the real cast was relatively unknown when x1 came out. so i chose accordingly and only picked people who, IMO, can act.
Cyclops- Barry Pepper
Jean Grey- Rachel Weisz
Wolverine- Mel Gibson or Gary Sinise
Professor X- Christopher Walken
Storm- Angela Basset
Rogue- Mandy Moore
Iceman- Ryan Reynolds
Angel- Ryan Phillippe
Beast- Jon Favreau
Nightcrawler- Jake Gyllenhaal

Magneto- Rutger Haur
Mystique- Salma Hayek (comic book costume)
Sabertooth- Clancy Brown
Toad- D.J. Qualls
Lady Deathstrike- Lucy Lui (comic book costume)
Pyro- Matthew Lillard

director- James Cameron
was bored, so...

Prof. X: nooooo idea

Cyclops: Nathan Fillion...

...or Ethan Hawke

Jean Grey: Emily Deschanel

Wolverine: Dougray Scott

Storm: Nona Gaye

Nightcrawler: Adrien Brody

Gambit: Josh Holloway
Rogue: Michelle Monaghan

Iceman: Ryan Gosling

Beast: Sam Neill

Shadowcat: Emmy Rossum

Angel: Garret Hedlund

Juggernaut: Ray Stevenson

Magneto: Jeremy Irons
Jeremy Irons was my pick for Magneto and should have been Magneto from the start. I like the idea of Rutger Hauer too.

My choice for Wolverine is none other than Jason Statham and I think he SHOULD replace Jackman which would give Wolverine a much more physcially capable actor.


Storm: I could care less.

Cyclops: Jeez I need more time to think about that.

Nightcrawler: Adrian Brody

Gambit: Stephen Dorff or Christian Slater

Colossus: I need to think about this some more too.

Iceman: Chris Evans

Professor X: God this is almost impossible. Ben Kingsley? How would Pierce Brosnan look with a bald head. I need more time to think.
for Xavier, the only other I could think of is Kevin Spacey, but he's already Lex Luthor... can't really see Kingsley in the part. feels kind of a lazy choice, IMO. what, just cause he's bald he's automatically the best choice?
I like Sam Neill as Beast and Adrien Brody as Nightcrawler. :up:

I've never seen Nona Gaye before. I don't know if she can act, but she certainly looks like Storm.

for Xavier, the only other I could think of is Kevin Spacey, but he's already Lex Luthor... can't really see Kingsley in the part. feels kind of a lazy choice, IMO. what, just cause he's bald he's automatically the best choice?
Spacey isn't old enough... I'm not sure I would buy it. Kingsley has a certain dignified air about him, not unlike Patrick Stewart.
Sorry to say it AD, but the mods might as well merge this thread with THIS ONE

It's also pretty recent and pretty much the same thing

But I might as well copy and paste my responses from that one to this one for the heck of it.

Professor X: Billy Zane
Magneto: Daniel Day-Lewis


Storm: Tyra Banks


Cyclops: Vince Vaughn


Jean Grey: Jennifer Connelly


Wolverine: Joe Rogan


Nightcrawler: James Franco (Nick Stahl could play Harry in Spider-Man instead)


Rogue: Mandy Moore (not introduced till the 2nd or 3rd film in my dream franchise)

Shadowcat: Emmy Rossum


Angel: Ryan Phillipe


White Queen: Uma Thurman


Sabretooth: Vladimir Kulich


Dazzler: Ashley Hartman


Cannonball: Jamie Bell

Advanced Dark said:
Did I say he was the best choice?

well, I didn't mean you, specifically. but a lot of people do that...
Yve said:
Spacey isn't old enough... I'm not sure I would buy it. Kingsley has a certain dignified air about him, not unlike Patrick Stewart.

he can VERY easily pass off as old enough. he's what, in his 50's? and he can certainly have a "dignified air about him". it's all in the acting, and let's face it, if Stewart can do it, so can Spacey.
Thats what I was thinking, but Im pretty sure he cant act the way that Cyke should be....

Good actor, funny guy, but not Scott Summers material...
When Jackman leaves I want Jason Statham as Wolverine. He's young enough and built like a tank.
Charles Xavier - Ben Kingsley
Magneto - Christopher Lee
Jean Grey- Rachel Weisz
Nightcrawler- Adrien Brody
Sabertooth- Ron Perlman
Proffesor X-Jason Issacs HE plays a good villain but I think he could easily pull off the part as a more passionate aggresive charles Xavier that I dont think Patrick Stewart pulls off.Also thought about what it would be like to cast him as an african-american and thought Avery Brooks would be great.

Magneto-Jeremy Irons I love the fact that other people beat me to the punch but I think he would be very good

Cyclops-I really like Billy Zane hear.may not be the physical perfect type but I think would give the character more flare and charisma(I do like James Marsden though)

Jean Grey-CLaire Forlani is definetly my pick here although I think Rachel wiez wouldnt be bad either..Just think Forlani gives Jean more spunk.

My not naked mystique would be either Juliana Marguilles From ER or the ageless Selena Ward.

Nightcrawler- alexander siddig would be my first choice(played in deep space nine and also is in syrania.

Beast-gotta go with kelsey but definetly think sam neill could pull it off and if you wanted a younger beast why not Jason Mathew Smith from THe espn show Playmakers.

Rogue-love Evangeline lilly in this part

Iceman-Gregory smith maybe a bit of an oddball choice but maybe not as bad as you think.

havok-Ryan Phillipe I can imagine Zane and Phillipe having pretty good chemisty as brothers on screen

Angel-Barry watson Gets my vote although he might be a better Josh guthrie

Juggernaught-Micheal Clarke Duncan he was born to play this part.

Quicksilver and wanda would be Dougray scott and robin tunney.

Neve Campell as the before death Pylocke

Kari Machette(invasion) as Emma Frost

Kerr smith as Gambit.ALthough Josh Holliway probably would be decent

Derek Luke as a young bad ass Bishop.
ah crap and I forgot

Cole Hauser as Wolverine
Micheal Michelle as Storm
Iron Man said:
No recasts! The X-Men are best as they are now...

Get a grip. Times change and this is for fun. A sort of what if scenerio which will eventually be a reality.

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