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Comics Recommendations?


Jan 30, 2007
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Hello! Right now I'm reading through the Claremont/Cockrum/Byrne run on x-men. I was interested if any of you had any recommendations for some more contemporary stuff to read alongside the claremont/cockrum/byrne? The only other x-men stuff i've read is the first volume of astonishing. I'm probably going to continue reading astonishing in trade form. Would you guys recommend getting ultimate x-men trades, or should I look into something else? I'm a fan of the first two movies (i like the third, just not as much as the first two) and was interested in reading some more good x-men stuff. I head ultimate x-men is good, and i like millar's work on the ultimates.
If you want Ultimate X-Men stuff, I'd go for some of the earlier trades up through Vaughn's run at least. Kirkman, who took over after him, isn't really the cup of tea for most people.

Astonishing is a good idea to pick up in trade since the current creator's run is almost ove and won't start back up again until August.

If you want to get into the other main titles, now is the perfect time to start. They just went through an even and is a perfect time to start back in. Uncanny X-Men #495 just came out last week is a good place to start. This week, X-Factor will be feeling the fallout from the event and the new X-Force book is launching on Wednesday as well. X-Men: Legacy, which is the new name of the adjectiveless X-Men book, will be coming out soon and will give a new look at some of the classic stories of X-lore as well as focusing on some of the newer stuff going on. Cable is also starting a new solo book again and the students are getting an new book called Young X-Men as well.

So you picked a good time to ask.
Should I try to get back issues and read all of messiah complex, or should I just start after it?
Yeah, that might be a good idea so that you know what all went on in the event so you aren't completely lost on some of what will be talked about and focused on in the upcoming issues.
Didn't want to make a new thread so I'm asking this question in this one.

Been a huge X-men fan for quite a few years. I never got into Wolverine's solo comic too much.

I know quite a bit of his backstory and all but wanted to check out some of the TPBs at my comic shop.

There are so damn many to choose from. How many times has his story been done with different writers/artists? I saw all the different books and basically want to know which version/s to pick up?

I already posted this in another thread but figured this might be a more appropriate one.
X-Statix! X-Statix! X-Statix!

It doesn't really tie into the regular X-Universe but its an interesting read in my opinion...
There are so damn many to choose from. How many times has his story been done with different writers/artists? I saw all the different books and basically want to know which version/s to pick up?
You've probably read them, but the Claremont/Byrne era of UNCANNY X-MEN has some of the very best Wolverine-centric stories.

Try WOLVERINE by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller. Pretty much generally accepted as the best solo Wolverine story ever.

WEAPON X by Barry Windsor Smith, is Logan's story, before the X-Men of the adamantium bonding procedure.

Larry Hama's issues of WOLVERINE are fantastic (issues 32 to 68 anyway - basically the issues with Marc Silvestri or Marx Texeira as artist) but I think that's pretty hard to get in TPBs.

Any WOLVERINE by Greg Rucka is also excellent, and should be easy enough to get in trades - his three arcs were called THE BROTHERHOOD, COYOTE CROSSING, and RETURN OF THE NATIVE.

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