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Rewriting Man of Steel (2013) to start off the DCEU


Dec 19, 2014
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The movie would start with Lara-El caring for baby Kal El when Jor-El comes in and says that Zod was right, it's too late to do anything except saving their son. Baby Kal-El is then placed into the pod which escapes the planet as it crumbles. Observant viewers will notice in the background hidden among the pieces of planet a second, larger pod escaping the planet in the opposite direction, but more on that later.

On Earth, a freak meteor shower is hitting just outside and around Smallville, Kansas. Among the meteors comes Kal-El's pod which crashes near the Kent Farm. Jonathan and Martha Kent discover the baby and take him in. As young Clark grows, we see how the Kents are struggling with how to raise a baby who can physically overpower them. There aren't any parenting books which deal with how to discipline a toddler who is throwing furniture around the house.

The school bus rescue was good so that stays but the Jonathan Kent “maybe” speech gets cut out. Instead he tells Clark that he's proud but that Clark needs to be more careful. He tells Clark the truth of his origin and why it needs to stay secret. Later while Jonathan is alone with Martha he tells her how scared he is for Clark. The Kents want Clark to have as normal a life as possible but they know that can never happen. Jonathan hopes that he's raising a good person because there's nothing that could stop Clark should he decide to use his powers for evil. Unbeknownst to his parents, Clark heard the whole conversation. He understands that his father has two sides, one he shows to Clark and the world and another that he shares only privately. He feels a sense of responsibility to his parents and the values they have taught him and he makes the decision to always use his powers to help others.

There are some bullies picking on some smaller kids and throwing rocks at them. Clark puts himself in between the bullies and their victims. He tells the bullies to back off or else but they laugh and throw a few rocks at Clark. A few bounce off and he is un-phased then one greenish rock hits Clark in the face and he goes down. An adult comes along and the bullies leave. Clark is concerned because a rock shouldn't have hurt him. However the adult is interested in the rock, it looks like a piece of meteorite from years ago and it seems to almost glow. The rock needs to be studied.

The tornado scene happens like it did in Man of Steel but Clark disobeys his father and runs out to save him. To those watching it looks like Clark and his father took refuge in a ditch along the road but it's really Clark using his powers to keep them from getting blown away. Afterwards Clark tells his father that he raised Clark right and there is no need to worry about what kind of man Clark will become. As they are reconciling Jonathan has a heart attack and despite Clark's abilities he is powerless to help. Clark puts his feelings into words and writes a short biopic about his father which gets published in the local paper.

In a Lexcorp laboratory, technicians are working with strange green meteor rocks from a Kansas field and have discovered it's emitting some strange form of radiation which doesn't seem to react at all with humans or animals. If it could be processed right it would be a new form of “clean” nuclear power. However there is not much to work with so Lex decides to give priority to the weapons division for making use of this new technology.

Clark is now in Metropolis and taking his resume to the Daily Planet where he meets Lois Lane. After his father's heart attack Clark was asked to write some more for the Smallville papers and now has a chance to for his work to be read by a larger audience. He's still helping people and discovers new powers, including flight. He returns home to see his mother and tells her of his growing abilities.

He then goes out to the barn cellar and looks at his pod, he starts poking around and activates it. He gets the saved message from Jor El which instructs him to take the pod someplace safe and remote. Clark flies it to the Arctic where the pod technology creates the Fortress of Solitude. It is here that Clark hears the story of Krypton's destruction, which is told through narration and flashback: It was a society much like Earth, but there was a radioactive mineral which sickened and often killed those exposed to it. However if handled carefully, it could also be used to generate power. For this purpose, robots were created that could safely work with the mineral they named Kryptonite. After some failures they also created an intelligent system with an artificial, electronic brain to run the robots and machinery. This artificial brain was named Brainiac. Under the care of Brainiac, Krypton became a utopia. Robots filled the jobs and provided not only power but all amenities for society. However not everyone felt this was a good thing. A no longer needed military general named Zod felt that giving up so much to the robots and Brainiac would lead to generations of Kryptonians who would be unable to care for themselves and be completely reliant on Brainiac, which would make them slaves. Brainiac cannot be trusted with the future of the people. Zod started gathering a following with the goal of seizing control of Brainiac and taking control of the planet for himself. This was deemed treason and Zod gets banished to the Phantom Zone. It's only after Zod is gone that Jor El learns that Brainiac has been secretly drilling deeper into the planet core to get the purest kryptonite. This is making the planet unstable but Brainiac doesn't care, it sees the people as an impediment to its existence and its goals. Being an artificial brain, it wants to gather knowledge. Brainiac has learned all it can from Krypton so it's taking the planet core to power itself and a ship it built to gather knowledge from across the galaxy. Too much damage has been done to the planet by removing the core and there is nothing that can be done to keep Krypton from imploding. He instead rushes home to his wife and son.

In addition to creating the Fortress the pod has also crafted clothes in the style that Kryptonians wore.

Back in Metropolis Superman has officially arrived and is making headlines by saving people and stopping criminals. This doesn't sit well with Lex Luthor who has been wanting to market new technology to police and military. One such project involves cybernetics, but it's not very popular as people aren't that willing to implant or replace body parts just because they signed up for the police department or army, especially with Superman around. But Lex, unknowingly echoing Zod, doesn't trust this new “Man of Steel” and sees him as a threat. So Lex takes the cybernetics program “off the books” and works on it in secret. He even finds a willing test subject crazy enough to undergo the surgery and treatment, a rogue mercenary named John Corben. Thus Metallo is created.

With his new metal body and Kryptonite “heart” Metallo becomes an unstoppable force, committing acts of terror for hire around the world. The police and military reach out to Lexcorp but Luthor apologizes but says he scrapped his cybernetics project and accuses rival companies of taking his plans and creating a monster.

Metallo challenges Superman. In the midst of battle he discovers that his power source is Superman's weakness. Superman eventually gains the upper hand and destroys Metallo's body leaving him alive but unable to move.

Publicly Lexcorp has offered to help thus poor misguided Metallo by creating a less powerful body and offering psychological treatment. But it's more of a chance for Lex to learn and improve his tech. Superman confronts Lex Luthor about his involvement in creating Metallo but has no actual proof.

Wrap up with Clark asking Lois out and roll credits.

Post Credits Scenes (Starts Off The Universe The Right Way)

Cuts to the Arctic well on the other side of the Arctic, there are explorers down there doing research when they come up upon something they find in the ice. They start to dig it out...it is another Kryptonian ship...only this time it builds towards Supergirl well she is hinted at.

2nd post credit scene builds towards BVS

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