Ridin’ with Biden



CNN - Biden cancels $37 million in student loan debt for former University of Phoenix students
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Biden isn't wrong. Trump only cares about himself.
Cynically, I know this is to beat Trump to it. I do wonder if they convinced Fain to do it in order to undercut Trump's little stunt. Because Fain has been against both showing up.
CNBC - Senate confirms Anna Gomez to FCC, breaking yearslong deadlock at the agency
  • The Senate voted to confirm Democrat Anna Gomez to the Federal Communications Commission, breaking the deadlock at the agency that has lasted the entirety of the Biden presidency.
  • Gomez’s confirmation comes after a protracted battle to confirm Biden’s initial pick for the commissioner seat, Gigi Sohn, ended with her withdrawal.
  • With the arrival of Gomez, a telecom attorney who’s previously worked in several positions at the FCC and in the private sector, the agency has the opportunity to pursue actions that don’t have the support of the Republican commissioners.

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IBEW - ‘We Never Stopped Applying Pressure’: Hard-Fought Success on Rail Sick Days (June 20, 2023)
“We're thankful that the Biden administration played the long game on sick days and stuck with us for months after Congress imposed our updated national agreement," Russo said. "Without making a big show of it, Joe Biden and members of his administration in the Transportation and Labor departments have been working continuously to get guaranteed paid sick days for all railroad workers.”

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I'd also add that Biden's 2024 campaign chair is a labor activist and Cesar Chavez's granddaughter.

I believe Biden cares more about the little guy than Trump by far.
The Washington Post - If you want to save democracy in 2024, Biden is the only viable choice (Op-Ed)
by conservative Max Boot

The Washington Post - [2000 election Green Party candidate] Ralph Nader, wary of Trump, offers to help Joe Biden win
The political firebrand, long estranged from Democrats, fears fascism will be on the ballot in 2024 and it must be defeated

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Biden is the only choice. If he loses I don't think we'll remain a true democracy for long. Once it's gone will it ever come back?
Oh, Christmas came early for the Biden campaign. Be prepared to see the clips of Trump telling auto workers that he doesn't care what they get. A LOT.
"There is something dangerous happening in America," Biden plans to say, according to excerpts released by the White House. "There is an extremist movement that does not share the basic beliefs of our democracy. The MAGA Movement."
"I have come to honor the McCain Institute and Library because they are home to a proud Republican who put country first," Biden will say. "Our commitment should be no less because democracy should unite all Americans – regardless of political affiliation."

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