Ridley Scott's "Exodus"

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Dec 16, 2009
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The rival to WB's:

Christian Bale Eyeing Moses?

EXCLUSIVE: Looks like Fox is putting a rush on the Moses movie it has been developing with Ridley Scott. I’m hearing that the director and studio are courting Christian Bale to star. The project is called Exodus, which was originally scripted by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage. But it has become a big priority after a rewrite just came in by Steve Zaillian, who teamed with Scott on American Gangster. Scott is looking to mobilize this as soon as he completes The Counselor.

This comes as Warner Bros deals with Steven Spielberg dropping out of its mega-Moses project, Gods And Kings, the epic-sized film about life of Moses based on the script by Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine. The studio’s Hail Mary pass is trying to secure the services of Ang Lee, fresh from his Oscar win for Life Of Pi. Developing…

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How many Moses interpretations are we going to get??

Give us Blade Runner 2 Ridley.
Give us Prometheus 2 Ridley.
Christian Bale is in talks to play Moses so Ridley give us Exodus
Ridley Scott + Christian Bale? Yes!
Christian Bale already played Jesus.

Ridley makes movies pretty fast but it feels like he is cranking out as many projects as he can these days before he kicks the bucket.
The Bible is becoming the new comic book movie. Seriously, the History Channel is running a Bible mini now.
The Bible is becoming the new comic book movie. Seriously, the History Channel is running a Bible mini now.

Just wait for it:

Jesus Begins
The Son of God
The Son of God Rises

Just wait for it:

Jesus Begins
The Son of God
The Son of God Rises


This is gold. How not one soul in this thread has complemented this poster is outrageous. I am not being sarcastic.

I love the historical films that Ridley has been involved with:
Kingdom of Heaven
Robin Hood
Tristan and Isolde
1492 Conquest of Paradise
Pillars of the Earth
World Without End

However, I don't know if another take on the Biblical account of the great man Moses is the way to go.
Scott talked about what his take would be during the Prometheus press rounds:

"What's interesting to me about Moses isn't the big stuff that everybody knows. It's things like his relationship with Ramses [II, the pharaoh]. I honestly wasn't paying attention in school when I was told the story of Moses. Some of the details of his life are extraordinary," Scott said.

Also, he's apparently been scouting locations in Gran Canaria back in March according to their local newspaper:

- What did you think of the Island?
- Is impressive. We went by helicopter and saw it all. We found a couple of very good locations so again. We are looking for natural beauty. But in that nature we have to build things and bring things, which is what I usually do. In other words, it is a movie about nature. Not what you want to tell because it is confidential. It's a super production that takes place in nature with different variants; natural scenery, landscapes, vast deserts ... Like Lawrence of Arabia had different scenarios, it will have different backgrounds.

- Did you find what you need?
-The nature here is very beautiful. What impressed me most is how clean and well run that is the island. Everything is painted in a warm. I look at these things, I am very picky. This is how I make my films, from the head. If you order, you have chaos.

- Do you like the diversity of landscapes?
- Yes, of course. I rode in Spain before the Kingdom of Heaven and 1492. Rode in Morocco Black Hawk Down, Gladiator and Body of Lies, I'm used to shooting in desert sites. The atmosphere here is similar. That makes things easier for me.

- What kind of movie plans?
-If I said something more than film landscape would know which movie it is and the truth is that there is a big competition that is not to say it is. It is written and the casting is over but I can not say who will be. We are already looking for locations is that we are approaching. When you make a film like this you can not get a Monday and say, we shot. No, you have six months of preparation, a unit with hundreds of people, traveling like a big circus, with support ...

- Most will be shot here?
- It will have a 19-week shoot. Here are some three weeks ... Six weeks with the team three weeks intensive preparation and the main unit.

Is Christian doing this film next or the Everest movie?
The director of Everest said they need to shoot this summer (because of the climate in Iceland where they're shooting) so if Bale is still doing that then it'll have to go first. I'm guessing this shoots in the Fall.
Ridley Scott is over there bull****tin'. He better make Prometheus 2. He owes the people who paid to see that film a sequel.

We already knew that, like its six predecessors, Star Wars: Episode VII was going to shoot in the UK where expectations were that it would end up at Pinewood Studios. Now we know for sure. Pinewood isn’t talking publicly about the news that was first reported by Screen, but a source close to the production tells me the movie will indeed set up camp at the iconic facility that’s also home to James Bond. Director J.J. Abrams recently said production would start at the beginning of 2014 and that “Most likely we are going to be moving to London at the end of the year” for the film. Pinewood currently has Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella in residence along with Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy. Along with those two films, Star Wars will mark the latest in recent collaborations between Disney and Pinewood. Angelina Jolie-starrer Maleficent shot there earlier this year. But it’s not all Disney business. Fox’s Exodus, the biblical epic from Ridley Scott, will also shoot at Pinewood later this year. With all those movies in residence, will there be enough room? I’m assured that even with a massive project like Star Wars moving in, Pinewood will be able to have two or three other films at the same time.
Scott+Zaillian+Bale+Edgerton = :awesome:


Joel Edgerton to Play Ramses in Ridley Scott's 'Exodus' (Exclusive)

The "Zero Dark Thirty" star is in talks to play the Egyptian ruler opposite Christian Bale's Moses in the 20th Century Fox film.

Joel Edgerton is in talks to star opposite Christian Bale in Ridley Scott's Biblical epic Exodus.

The actor, who cemented his in-demand status after a series of high-profile roles including Zero Dark Thirty and The Great Gatsby, would play the Egyptian ruler Ramses in the 20th Century Fox film that is moving toward a September start date. Bale is onboard to portray Moses.

Exodus will shoot in Spain, Morocco and England.

The project had picked up steam earlier this year when Steve Zaillian came on board to do a rewrite on Adam Cooper and Bill Collage's original draft.
Peter Chernin, who bought the project as a pitch, is producing alongside Scott. Both Chernin and Scott are based at Fox, as is Zaillian and Garrett Basch's Film Rites.

Edgerton broke out in Gavin O'Connor's 2011 MMA drama Warrior. He recently stepped into O'Connor's Jane Got a Gun opposite Natalie Portman. The Aussie actor also is onboard to star opposite Michael Shannon in Jeff Nichol's sci-fi film Midnight Special at Warner Bros.

He is repped by CAA, Shanahan Management and attorney Robert Wallerstein.
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