RIP Tony Scott...

Wow, that is so crazy. His death comes from left field, let alone a suicide.
Terrible news, just sad and confusing. Thank you for True Romance.

This is so shocking. Such a shame that he felt a need to do this. Great director; he's made some of my favorite films.

Thanks for True Romance.

Thoughts go out to his family and friends.
That's a dman shame, he was incredibly talented. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family :(
What the hell? RIP, but what the hell???
No known motive yet. I can't imagine what would cause a successful filmmaker to do this at age 68. Dying to find out. Something horrible must have been going on internally.
damn ! top gun is one of my favs! he will be missed :( sad day!
I was hoping this was false infomation. I'm just shocked. He was one of my favorite filmakers as well. It really makes you wonder :csad:
This was really unexpected. My thoughts are with Ridley and the rest of the Scott family. :csad:
Rip. For a stretch in the mid 80s to early 90s, he was the king of 'blockbuster'
Terrible tragedy, my thoughts with his family and friends.

such a shame and what a terrible loss. i wonder what was going on with him to do something like this.

thank you for all the classic films you have given us Tony Scott.
I was hoping this was false infomation. I'm just shocked.
I remember feeling the exact same way when Heath Ledger died. When I first saw the story about it, I thought it was a joke, then the shock set in.
RIP, Tony Scott.
I know Denzel is just devastated as well. Those two were insanely close.
I will always recall Top Gun as the film that made me long to join the Air Force and ride a motorcycle.
True Romance and Crimson Tide some of my favorites of all time
Devastating. I love The Last Boy Scout as much as anything.

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