Rob Zombie

Couldn't care less for Manson, but I love Zombie!
Went 500 miles on my own just to see him last year on a festival. Best day of my life!






it was glorious!

I hope I get some to come with me when he visits Stockholm with Manson in december.
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I missed Rob Zombie when he came through St. Louis in May. I hope this tour with manson stops by.
I'm going to that Manson/Zombie show when it rolls through AZ. I fell in love with Zombie's music waaaayyy back when I was like 8 years old. He ignited my love for classic horror films. Can't wait for Lords of Salem either.
I'm surprised there's no shows in California on that list.

Even if they add them I'm going to have to skip out on this one due to money. I've seen Manson 3-4 times and I lost track of how many times I've seen Zombie.
Never seen either, but I've been a fan for years. It's about damn time I saw em

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