Robert De Niro and Shia LaBeouf to Play Father-Son Spy Duo

Hunter Rider

Oct 24, 2004
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Source: The Hollywood Reporter
April 22, 2013

Robert De Niro and Shia LaBeouf are in talks to play a father-son spy duo in Spy's Kid, says The Hollywood Reporter. D.J. Caruso, who worked with LaBeouf on both Disturbia and Eagle Eye, is attached to direct for Paramount Pictures.

The trade says the movie will be based on a six-part series of articles by Bryan Denson that were published in The Oregonian in 2011 and told the true story of a traitorous spy who enlists his son to continue his work. You can read all six articles here.

Jarod Einsohn is attached as executive producer and Emily Berger as co-producer. No writer is on board yet.
I like the potential here, I've enjoyed a few of DJ Caruso's movies.
Spy's Kid? Is this a variation on Spy Kids?
Wow, how come nobody's ripping on Shia yet?
I hope he has real sex with the bad guy.
BTW, why the hell are they calling this 'Spy's Kid'? when there's already four 'Spy Kids' movies? That's just stupid.
Watch it have a name change a few months before its release. It'll be called The Tomb.
Wow, how come nobody's ripping on Shia yet?

"no no nonononono watch out nononononono no OPTIMUUUUUUS!!!!"

"To get ready for this part, man, I trained in krav maga with a real Mossad agent. One day, tempers got the better of us, and we ended up fighting toe to toe all over the set for real. Luckily the rest of the crew was there to pull us apart, but man, what a standstill that was."
Are you saying that out of hyperbole, or are you serious (and saw most of Hardy's filmography?)

That's just insane, and 'New York I Love You' was just plain horrible compared to the vastly superior 'Paris, je t'aime'.

I mean, to each his own, but come on. One role vs. an entire filmography..
Shia Lebouf is back!! (Guess he needed the money...)
I'm sure he's worked with many an ***hole in his long film career, but really, will DeNiro be able to handle Shia? :o

I'm serious, this could be a career-ender... one day on set with this kid and he's gonna be like "Nope! Retiring."
He'll either retire, or end up choking out Shia LaBeouf.
Pssh, Shia would knock De Niro out before De Niro laid a finger on him.

Shia would sense the moves De Niro was making before De Niro even decided on them himself.

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