Horror Robert Eggers Nosferatu

Ah man, I’ve got $13 in Fandango credit I was waiting to spend on Longlegs, but I might have to shell out just for this trailer. If I knew for a fact it would be attached I’d be all for it.
Someone better leak that ****. :o
Just about to come in and say, it’s out there if ya know where to look.
Just saw the leaked trailer and wowwwww. This was one I was already super excited for but that trailer got me even more hyped.
sense of dread and atmosphere looks to be some of the best in a long time for vampire films.

it's like francis ford coppola's dracula, but less bombastic. more grounded. maybe less horny.
you can smell the evil.
In terms of the horror element, this looks like it kicks it up a couple notches compared to Coppola's Dracula.
See some accounts ****ting on the trailer being leaked, and in most cases I’d be right there with them (way too much movie footage leaking online within the first week or so at the moment), but a trailer is a different story.

We’re too long into the game of trailers being almost immediately available online to play keep-away now. We’re ****ing addicts. Give us our fix.

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