Horror Robert Eggers Nosferatu

I really need to finish reading the original eggers script. I only got half way through! Any idea where it can be found?
One of two movies I saw as a kid with Dafoe before Spider-Man came out. The other was …. Speed 2! :funny:

Have to see Shadow of the Vampire as well as it’s been so long.

All three movies have the Dafoe face



I'm going to go against my own sensibilities and advocate for Focus to keep Orlok under wraps until the movie. Build suspense with the "He is coming" tagline.

Follow the Longlegs marketing template.
Yo what the **** is going on with the back of his head?

Nasty ass.
That shot of Nosferatus slow turn towards the cam is so sick. I can tell even just by the forehead that Bill has completely vanished in the role. I do think there's potential here for oscar recognition. I just got a feeling about this.
Can anyone get a decent still shot of Orlock biting the dude's neck?

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