RoboCop Reboot - Part 3

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I wonder how much of a tribute this film will showcase to the original. That piece of concept art makes me giddy.

I have a feeling they will show it somewhere as a easter egg at least.
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Licensing video! Practically a making of pre-production clip. Official interviews and concept art!

Is that design gonna be in the film? because i like it a lot

EDIT: Nvm just watch the video. I wish they kept that design
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That suit looks awfully like the one in the set pic we got the other day. It's looks awesome! :up:
I noticed the new suit was in the concept art photo in a case



Maybe just setting up the prop for the case
That's definitely the concept they should've went with. Looks 1000x better, IMO.
in the concept art he looks like a robot. wonder if they will use cgi for some body parts.
Concept art looks great! The final design isn't a disaster though. And it isn't what matters even nearly most if the film is good or not.
Wow, that concept art is fantastic. THAT's the RoboCop I'm hoping to see (even though the exposed hand still looks ridiculous).
So will Robocop still have his 'grey' color scheme for certain scenes?
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that looks ALOT like the alternate armor we got a pic of yesterday.
Perhaps this isnt the mark 1. I mean, it looks too much like the black armor to be the mark 1,
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