Rupert Murdoch announces 20th Century Fox is now 21st Century Fox

They should have just left it as 20th Century Fox. Kinda dumb to change it now 13 years after the real opportunity to change it.
Should have already happened years ago.
Twenty-first century fox is such a **** name. It sounds gimmicky. Whereas twentieth century fox evoked history and brand recognition. This sounds like some **** an asylum style ripoff studio would come up with. Or what they would call a sister porn company that produces adult entertainment. Crappy pg-13 adult entertainment aimed at the masses of tweens.
Merged with real estate.
Rupert :''wait we're in the 21st century''?
Weird. But nobody ever calls it by its full name anyway. Everyone just says Fox. 21st Century Fox just doesn't have the same ring to it.
Took em long enough
The 21st Century Fox name will apply only to the umbrella company containing the Fox studios. Both television and film productions will remain 20th Century Fox.

Rupert Murdoch Unveils 21st Century Fox Logo: Video

By NIKKI FINKE, Editor in Chief | Thursday May 9, 2013 @ 12:47pm PDT

News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch this morning sent this memo to staff everywhere. Again, while the parent company logo changes after the corporation splits, the film and TV studio’s 20th Century Fox name will not:

Dear Colleagues:

A few weeks ago I shared with you the new name for our independent media and entertainment company: 21st Century Fox.

Today I am proud to unveil our new logo, which serves as a powerful symbol of the inspiration and high bar set by our company. Like our name, the logo reflects the rich creative heritage of Twentieth Century Fox and signals the promise of the 21st century and our restless drive toward the future.

Ultimately, our new logo celebrates the powerful commitment of you and your colleagues to the excellence and innovation that will propel 21st Century Fox forward.

Click here and take a look!

Rupert Murdoch

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