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Harvey Dent
Apr 16, 2003
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Does anyone think that Rupert Thorne should be in Batman Begins Sequels?

I think he should be, he's evil just like Carmine Falcone.

If so who should play him?

RIP to John Vernon who voiced him TAS and MOTB.
Oh yes Thorne should be in the movies at some point. Maybe Thorne could hire Bane like in TAS to kill Batman. Batman should battle regular gangsters and Thorne fits the bill.
eh, there are more important characters that should be in the sequels, IMO
Rupert Thorne is important character just like Falcone, Thorne is first gangster in Gotham before Falcone, his important like Joker, Two-Face, Riddler etc... I'm not saying that he should be in a after Batman Begins, I'm saying he could be on 3rd 4th movie.
Maury Chaykin (Nero Wolfe, Dancing with Wolves) would be perfect;
definatle thorne, and its not like you have to pick him over other villains you just have to have his presence known.
more important characters...yes. But remember, he can have the more important characters' legs broken, how they gonna act then huh?
I'd prefer them to continue with the Falcone organisation, possibly the Maroni's (which becomes almost mandatory if you're gonna do the Two-Face origin).

Carmine Falcone can beat Rupert Thorne anyday! Heck, even Carl Grissom was cooler than Thorne. :D
Rupert Thorne with Professor Hugo Strange ( Batman: Strange Apparitons- the Englehart- Rogers, with the Gerry Conway 80's stories)
I like the idea of Maury Chakin as Thorne.

The Ceb-Man!
Hmmm. I think Woods could fit in a Batman movie as a crime boss or corrupt cop but not really Thorn.I'm thinking somebody else is better suited for the role.
Calm down dear, its only a topic!

Anyway James Woods is too skinny for Thorne - When I think thorne I think of a bigger, tough guy actor like Brian Dennehy - who incidentally starred with James woods in "Best Seller"

Dennehy also played "Killer Clown" John Wayne Gacy in a TVM

What about the guy who does his voice for the animated series?

The guy from Outlaw Jose Wales and Animal House - errrr- John something.....

Darn memory's goin'


He actually looks like him
DAmn John Vernon's Dead?

That Guy was a great actor
Whoops My bad


Well I only got a new computer recently and I'm not up with whos dead and who is still inskin and kicking

I liked J V too

Well Brian Dennehy then - or that Nero Wolfe Fella - MAury Chaykin
James Woods looks nothing like the Thorne character is supposed to.

And what's the point of putting in Thorne anyway? He's not that great a character and he's basically the same mob-boss Falcone is... I dunno what happens with him after Begins, but I'd rather see the movies carry on with him or at least the Falcone empire...
Nope No Woods as Thorne

Salvatore Silvestro from MAsk of the Phantasm perhaps, but not Thorne

I'm with Riven (again it seems - gettin to be a habit Riv) there is no need for Thorne - but if there must be maybe a bigger, older guy than woods

Paul Sorvino (PAulie from Good Fellas) would be great as Rupert Thorne
James Woods wanted to play Riddler after Batman Returns came out.

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