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Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn are back with*Only God Forgives

It's crazy that Gosling announced today that he's taking a break from acting, which sucks cause I love the dude.
He's directing a film soon isn't he? How to Catch A Monster, with Christina Hendricks and Matt Smith.
I don't think his break will be too long. I hope. I want him for Star Wars Episode 7!
Too bad Ryan doesn't seem to interested in big budget blockbusters or genre films.
Too bad Ryan doesn't seem to interested in big budget blockbusters or genre films.

Good for him. If Gangster Squad taught him anything, it's that he's bigger draw in the independent market. And it's where he's doing his best work as an actor, which I think matters more to Gosling than being a bankable box office star.
I agree with you I think he's one of the best male actors out there right now, and one of my favorites. To be honest I found it strange he decided to do Gangster Squad, which I have still yet to see.
Forgive my ignorance, but what's the big deal about acting in blockbusters or genre films? Shouldn't your agent be able to sift through the BS to find a script to your liking?
I'm not worried. He'll be back. Just like how Leo was supposed to take a long break only for his production company to buy the rights of a book for him to star in like a month or so later. :p
He'll certainly be back after not too long, but again, he's starting production on a directing gig soon.
I'm curious to see the final product. While I really liked "Drive," it was certainly very minimalist in structure and dialogue.
Kristin Scott-Thomas looks awesome. OSCAH!

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