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The Dark Knight Rises Saddest moment in the trilogy for you?


Aug 3, 2012
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What are the saddest moments in the trilogy for you?

For me, the only really sad moment in the entire trilogy is the moment where a young Bruce (In Batman Begins) tells Alfred that his parent's death was his fault because he made them leave the auditorium. My eyes always get a little watery in that scene.

Rachel's death in TDK didn't affect me at all. That's probably because TDK was the first film in the trilogy that I saw, so I wasn't really aware of how close Bruce and Rachel were... Sure, I knew they were close before Harvey showed up, but that's just because it was implied in TDK. Having not seen Batman Begins at the time, I didn't know just how close they were.
When bane failed to actively Break the batman on his own true terms as he wanted to... TRULY break him
Harvey's fall and decent into madness always makes me sad whenever I watch TDK.

Chill killing Bruce's parents right in front of him as a child.

Alfred and Bruce's scenes in TDKR, especially the one where Alfred tells Bruce he didn't want him to come back to Gotham, and Bruce saying there is nothing out there for him.

Our first closeup of Bruce when he meets Selina. It was just depressing to see what he had become.
The murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne in "Batman Begins"

I feel it's a very underrated powerful scene because we all know what it's like to lose someone we love. But to have someone else take them away right in front of your eyes? Indescribable pain
BB: The Murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne

TDK: Bruce grieving over Rachel

TDKR: Bruce's funeral

Now I need to figure out which one is the saddest to me.
Oh wow...

That scene in TDKR where Bane completely obliterated Batman. That was hard to watch. Very sad too.
Batman Begins: The Murder of the Wayne's
The Dark Knight: Harvey Dent's Fall
The Dark Knight Rises: Batman's Death

The Saddest: Batman's Death

Oh wow...

That scene in TDKR where Bane completely obliterated Batman. That was hard to watch. Very sad too.
I admit that I smiled throughout that entire scene.
I still don't get how Wayne could've possibly escaped that Nuclear explosion. The blast radius was 6 miles and he was still in the cockpit just a few seconds before it exploded, but the consensus here seems to be that he was able to escape.

I've only seen it once though. Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me, still though. Sad scene.
in Batman Begins when young Bruce says "it was my fault Alfred..." then breaks down...it always gets to me...kudos to the young actor there.

Watching Joker say "we are destined to do this forever"..the quote just strikes in me the knowledge that Heath isn't here anymore. Can't say I knew the person but you can just tell that he was into acting for the craft and not for popularity and money.
Batman and Bane's pit dialogue.

It was a brilliant mixture of sadness and despair. Might've been one of the best emotional scenes I've ever seen in this trilogy.

"So easy...So simple...I learned here that there can be no true despair without hope."
"I'm so sorry. I failed you. You trusted me, and I failed you."

The shot of little Bruce Wayne with his dead parents.
Little Bruce & Alfred.
Bruce & Alfred after Rachel's death
Rachel's letter scene.
Harvey Dent's ill fate.
Two-face & Batman's dialog. (Decent man indecent times etc)
Bruce Wayne's first scene in TDKR.
Bruce's condition in the pit.
Last shot of Batman before the bomb blows up.

These were sad moments. But Nolan doesn't like long emotional scenes. So they weren't like Mufasa's death. :woot:
I prefer to use "moved" rather than "saddened" (not a macho thing, just a reflection of how I actually feel about these things)

BB: The stethoscope flashbacks, more nostalgic bittersweet than outright sad.

TDK: The moment where Gordon is explaining to his boy why they're chasing Batman. "But he didn't do anything wrong" etc. etc. essentially Gordon's ending narration

TDKR: The tears began to roll out around the time where Gordon realizes who Batman is, w/ coat flashback. I whelped a bit with the turning of Wayne Manor into an Orphanage.

All my most moving points for the trilogy are some of the most humanistic moments, these simple genuine humanistic themes are strongly lacking in today's big movies imho. And when I say humanist stories I'm inferring to, for example, movies from Japan's golden era of cinema (50's-60's); my personal favorite time and place for movies among other things. Kurosawa, Mizoguchi, Kobayashi, Ozu etc. the masters of humanist film-making. Especially Kurosawa in regards to humanist high-concept action movies (Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, Ran etc.)
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It's not really Rachel's death but when you see The Joker escaping in the police car, really savouring the moment and then Bruce crying without his cowl, Alfred reading the letter while we see Batman at the place Rachel died and Harvey disfigured.
Such a fantastic and sad moment :hrt:
Bruce's mini-funeral and seeing The Bat get all blowed up.

for a good moment, I was going to have a nervous breakdown if batman died. but all is well, and I love the ending.
I think Harvey'S downfall was the sadest story told in the entire trilogy. The entire thing is tragic, in my opinion.
1. Batman and Gordon standing over Harvey's dead body and coming to grips with the Joker winning and Batman turning Harvey's face over for Gotham.

2. Batman going to where Rachel died and finding the coin and leaving it by Harvey's beside followed by Bruce taking small comfort from Alfred.

3. Bruce's parents dying and being completely alone at the police station when Gordon puts the coat around him followed by Bruce watching Rachel go away after the funeral from his bedroom window.

My picks.
The scene in TDKR where Bruce says

"Goodbye Alfred."
Dent waking up in the hospital and seeing the scarred coin at his bed side. Then that growing note as he realizes he's lost Rachel and transforms in that moment.

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