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Sam Raimi - 'Drag Me To Hell'

Not watching this cause of spiderman 3's suckiness would be a mistake. Raimi be one of the few people left who can bring us a decent horror flick. Add in Ellen page and it should be good. Ill wait for a trailer to decide if this film sucks or not.
Ellen Page is not doing this film due to conflicts in her schedule.
Lohman is a good actress but after Juno and them throwing around arguments about great masters of camp gore horror, seeing her in a Sam Raimi horror movie really appealed to me. I wish she had dropped the Barrymore skating movie instead which sounds horrible. But it is obvious which will make more money and help her rising star status, so I cannot blame her.

Anyway, I'm still looking forward to this movie and Lohman is a good actress. Raimi is a king of horror and just because some of you didn't like SM3, it is shameful that you turn your backs on him so quickly like most sheep in internet communities.
I'd never turn my back on Raimi, and I don't blame him for what happened in Spider-Man 3. Sure it was a piece of crap but this is classic Raimi resurrected, man! These are his original routes and he's finally returning to them after a few years out, can't wait to hear some news on this and if it sounds good(which it probably will be), I'll gladly see it.
I really like this new girl thats replacing her. Alison Lohman, She was really good in Macthstickmen and Big Fish.


Alison Lohman is replacing Ellen Page in the lead role of Sam Raimi's supernatural thriller Drag Me to Hell at Universal Pictures.

Page had been poised to topline the Ghost House Pictures/Mandate Pictures project but stepped aside due to scheduling conflicts.

The film, which will mark Raimi's first helming effort since Spider-Man 3, is a morality tale about the unwitting recipient of a supernatural curse.

Shooting in Los Angeles is scheduled to begin March 31, two weeks later than the pic's original start date. Raimi wrote the screenplay with his brother Ivan.

Rob Tapert, Grant Curtis and Josh Donen are producing. Nathan Kahane and Joe Drake executive produce.

Lohman, whose credits include Matchstick Men and Big Fish, recently appeared in Robert Zemeckis' Beowulf and Things We Lost in the Fire.

I saw she's a nice replacment.
I liked SM3, despite its flaws (which I'm not sure its detractors realize past their drooling zealous for Venom).

Oh well.

Sam Raimi to Drag Justin Long to Hell
Source: Variety
March 10, 2008

Justin Long has signed on to star opposite Alison Lohman in Sam Raimi's supernatural thriller Drag Me to Hell for Ghost House Pictures.

Raimi and his brother Ivan penned the screenplay, a morality tale about the unwitting recipient of a supernatural curse. Long will play the boyfriend of Lohman's character.

Shooting is set to start March 31 in Los Angeles.

Universal is distributing domestically and in select international territories. Mandate International will handle all other foreign territories.

Rob Tapert, Grant Curtis and Josh Donen are producing. Nathan Kahane and Joe Drake executive produce.
Justin Long? Not a bad choice. He did ok in jeepers Creepers.

Hmm. I don't really trust script reviews, so we'll see. I mean, jeez, they haven't lensed a damn thing yet.

Lohman is a good replacement for Page, though. I love Raimi's horror work so I really am hoping this doesn't disappoint. And as jumbled and disjointed as it was, I still liked Spidey 3.
I hope it'll have Sam Raimi's over the top directing and zooms... if not, I'll be dissapointed. Let's hope he doesn't go The Grudge route, which he produced...

Three More Off To Hell

Date: March 27, 2008

By: Ryan 'The Rican with the Irish name' McLelland
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Jessica Lucas, Lorna Raver and David Paymer will help bring scares to Sam Raimi's "Drag Me to Hell" for Ghost House Pictures and domestic distributor Universal.

Lucas ("Cloverfield") will play the roommate and best friend of Stephanie (Alison Lohman), the unwitting recipient of a supernatural curse.

Raver plays Mrs. Ganush, a proud Eastern European woman with an old-world belief system who, when defied and humiliated, vengefully casts the curse. Paymer will play Mr. Jacks, Stephanie's practical bank-manager boss.

Raimi wrote the screenplay with his brother, Ivan. Principal photography begins Monday in Los Angeles.
Did everything but the Terminator footage get leaked ? :csad:
That footage wasn't bad. I think they're still in the early stages of editing, though.
lmao! that clip was awesome!

I'd much rather sam raimi do more horror films like these than another spiderman

the old hag doesnt die!!LOL!
if the recent "horror" movies produced by raimi are any indication of what this film will be....then its not worth my time.
I'm a huge Evil Dead fan(well not so much Army of Darkness). But as a whole I like Raimi's style in terms of horror films. Plus, I read the synopsis of this film and it sounds pretty interesting.

I'll give it a shot when it's released.
WOw, awesome! My anticipation meter just went way up.

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