sandman's origin

I think he should be a hired criminal by Harry to steal something from a nuclear plant or sumthing simular. maby harry needs it for improving his dads goblin chemical. spiderman should try and stop him but mess up badly and set off some kind of strange melt down. running from the melt down Flint could be on the beach heading for the get away boat when he gets fused with the sand.

or maby he was trying to steal the symbiot from a lab or something and a "melt down" happens. that way u get the Sandman and Symbiot origin in one shot.

as for the symbiot, what if it was something descoverd fosselized (i know i suck at spelling) from either a meteor crash or simply somethign that has been on earth for a while but dormant. then the melt down that creats Sandman could jump start the dormant symbiot and bring it back to life. later in the movie you would find out it is of alien origin.
Dead Kitty said:
I don't think Ock will come back:
1. Wouldn't want to use an old villian
2. Why would he come back, he gave himself up to save Peter, why would he come back to fight him again.
3. If he is dead he is happy he is with his wife where ever you go when you die in a comic book adapted movie.

I think you go into a big, white, hazy room and sit in a car- ala Ben Parker.
Dead Kitty said:
I say he just eats some radioactive sand or something. Or has an accident in a glass factory and then someone spills radioactive waste on him. :)

Well whatever it is it is going to good like when Octavius became Doc Ock and killed all those poor scienctists.

lol...yea...eating sand....that's beleivable :up:
He could be a soldier in Iraq and run into chemical weapons.
choskins said:
He could be a soldier in Iraq and run into chemical weapons.

LOL. Very funny. Hey, it could happen!
A chemical spill on a beachside road causes Flint's getaway vehicle to loose control, and crash, throwing Flint out of the vehicle, and onto the sand at the side. The sand has already mixed with the toxic chemicals, and is absorbed, or mixed with Flint.

There's your sandman origin.

No nuclear blasts.
Don Corleone said:
well, that's it, im convinced, why didnt i think of that a lab. Yeah, they would say, "hey man, what we inventing today, maybe a sand man of some kind" OH COME ON!!!

I just played "ulitmate spiderman", and in it, Beatle steals a vile that say's sandman on it, is sandman in the ultimate unviverse, and if he is, how was he created?
i eat radioactive sand all the time, but unfortunately i can never turn my body into sand
the idea about the incident at the East River with Doc Ock tying in is cool but what about:

Marko is down on his luck.. lost all his money, decides to rob osborn... Harry offers an alternative:

Harry finds a way (tricking his staff or something along those lines) to "water down" the goblin formula to not make the person who takes it go insane. The catalyst is a bacterial strain which would allow the person who bonds with to have the powers the GG did but at the same time not have any of the "draw backs" Marko gets injected with it.. at first he feels fine.. then he begins to feel sick.. he vomits a black ooze and his body begins to melt.. as soon as this happens he freaks out destroying lab equipment.. a fire breaks out.. the black ooze seems to be alive and recoils from the fire. the fire is about to hit marko when he suddenly becomes glass-like and the fire cannot harm him, he realizes he can control his body's molecular structure, he has become sand-like. a computer pans out and a computer reads "Anomoly: Genetic transfer"

the bacterial strain has become sentient from Marko's human DNA (the symbiote) plus the fact that it is the GG formula allows it to enhance whoever it bonds with.
and Marko had become genetically unstable due to his broken DNA.. but he still retains the goblin super formula strengths.. in fact.. it may be the only thing keeping his body from falling apart all together.
does anyone know the timeframe for the movie, is it set right after sm2 or two years later?
faceplant said:
does anyone know the timeframe for the movie, is it set right after sm2 or two years later?

Nobody knows. Why would anyone know? :confused:
I won't ask anymore questions, sorry.
What if the prison system is using criminals to test out chemicals for Oscorp. They think nothing happens and one night he becomes Sandman and escapes out of jail???
Flint Marko was a regular man, married to Susan Marko and father of Penny Marko, until the day he found out his daughter had an unoperable tumor who's treatment was too expensive for him, a blue-collar work, to pay. One day, Marko's friend, Glenn Carradine, invited him to drive the car in an heist to an boxing match he'd do. Flint accept, hoping to use his share to pay for his daughter's treatment. During the heist, Marko had to find a car, and choose Ben Parker's. Ben saw Flint was nervous and tried to talk with him and convince him not to do that. Carradine showed up at the exact moment. Flint stood up and said he'd not go further with that. Glenn stole Flint's weapon, knocked him out and shot Ben Parker, running away with all the money. Flint heard the sirens and just left Ben there, so, he'd no be pushed away from his family, but it didn't worked. The crime was recorded by a bystander's cellphone and Flint was arrested and send to Ryker's Island, where he stayed for years, forbidden to see and talk to his daughter. Flint worked for Ryker's infimary. When one of the immates died from flu and was going to be send to N.Y. to be buried, Flint took his place and ran away upon arriving to the city, going to see his daughter. But he was stopped by his ex-wife, who, as everyone else, believed he killed Ben Parker. Flint gets some clothes and goes away, but he's found by a police car rounding the house. He tries to hide among some trash cans, but he's found and forced to run away. He goes straight to a beach (Are there beaches in N.Y.)

The place is locked, but Flint, who lived there his whole life, knows an secret entrance by an broken gate. He doesn't see the radiaction warning signs.

Flint get's into the beach and ends up falling in an isolated area. In front of him, an small radioactive device. Oscorp is doing experiments on the beach, bombing the sand with small radiaction and modified composing agents to study the ressults. They don't see Flint because, let's face it, who could break into their security. Flint tries to runaway, but he's not fast enough. And he can't scream, or he'll be heard. The device explodes, and Flint is caught by the explosion. His cells are funded with the sand, transforming him in a silicon-based monstruosity: The Sandman!

Yes, I'm a caretaker! :hehe:

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