School Wants Deaf Boy, 3, To Change Name Sign...


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Feb 7, 2012
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(NEWSER) – Hunter Spanjer is deaf, so the Nebraska 3-year-old says his name by signing with a hand gesture—a hand gesture that his school doesn't like. Grand Island Public Schools prohibits "any instrument … that looks like a weapon" from being on campus, and apparently the school thinks Hunter's hands fit the bill. He signs his name by waving his hands with crossed, pointed fingers; in a video on, you can see it does look very slightly he's pointing a fake finger-gun.

But it's not: "It's a symbol. It's an actual sign, a registered sign, through SEE," says Hunter's father, Brian. That's Signing Exact English, the sign language Hunter uses. The crossed-fingers detail is a modification to the name sign to make it unique for Hunter. The family has the National Association of the Deaf behind them, but all a school spokesperson will say is that officials "are working with the parents to come to the best solution we can for the child."


Seriously...? :doh:
I've heard of ESL and ASL. SEE is knew to me. This school is dumb though.
hahah American schools are idiotic.

Is someone gonna ban this guy, already?

Anyway, this is pretty ridiculous. I just watched the video, and the sign doesn't even remotely look like anything related to "gun", or for that matter, "weapon".

If I were the kid's dad, I'd say fine, as long as every other student and teacher chose a different name to go by.


Na, I'd tell them to eat ****, and that my son isn't changing a damned thing.
Why is everyone these days making a big deal out of dumb ****
^ this.

Stories like this baffle me, because the teachers have to be completely nuts to think they will get there way in something like that.
The school is just being stupid.
Satire is dead in America.
I've got a hand-sign of my own for this school district, but I'll only need one finger for that.

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