Screenshots of the day

People probably still play the originals.

Especially now that the original by Rebellion only costs a couple dollars on Steam. It even supports gamepads. I wish they'd finally bring AvP2 to Steam too. I can't find it anywhere cheap.



It's fun to mess around with you're a Trek fan. Not worth getting really invested in though, in my opinion. Like a lot of MMOs these days, the whole thing feels a bit disposable. Maybe that's just me though.
Found this image of a beautiful Predator Mask Mod and had to post it here.

Mmmm, Crysis 3, gorgeous.

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Sorry about that, didn't know it was going to post them at full size. Will make sure any future pictures are resized properly.
Tomb Raider :cool:

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Playing around with custom skins in The Amazing Spider-Man.

probably biggest letdown from The Amazing Spider-man was the lack of comic skins. It was such a huge dissapointment coming off of EoT which had virtually every major one you could imagine and then some
Yea those all look super good. Do they all show damage as well? I hated how most of the alts in ASM didnt show the damage.
Of all the mods I tried, I think the TASM2 suit is the only one that shows damage.
Who's that on her back? Just a random civilian?

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