The Walking Dead scurred for a main character's future

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Jun 17, 2008
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I have this fear that Dixon is being setup to basically be the Tyrese of the group -- Rick's second in charge after Shane is dead, and I have a strong feeling that Dixon will be killed off the way that Tyrese was in the comics - by The Governor. I also see Michonne and Dixon messing around, which will tie into the comics with Michonne and Tyrese, which will lead to Carol's suicide on the show.

idk just have feels today about it
could happen but I doubt it, I think tv show fans are a lot less forgiving than comic book fans. Don't like their favorites done away with especially so early in the show's run, that kind of thing may work in the comic book, but I don't feel the show would be anywhere the same [BLACKOUT]if they took out Daryl or Glenn for that matter this early on, why risk people quit watching the show, (and there would be some that do if those particular characters die so early on) save that for like season 6 type drama.[/BLACKOUT]
Well, seeing how The Walking Dead doesn't have a problem with killing major characters, I see them doing that just to keep that shock factor.
well I think there's a difference between major characters on the show from the Comic book and tv fan favorites, aside from maybe Shane, who else have they killed that truly upset viewers/fans of the show, Dale? Read more complaints about him than anything while alive, and it looked like more were happy when he was gone. Again not saying it can't happen [BLACKOUT]but Daryl has a lot of screen presence, I think it would generate more hate for the show than praises for being such a bold move.[/BLACKOUT]

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