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Nov 4, 2004
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I hadn't seen this posted, if it is please just remove the thread. Or if this needs to be in the Sentinels' thread, merge it there. However, just now i was searching around on the x-men the last stand website and was just typing random phrases into the search.

This came up for Sentinel:

"Rumors have been circling within the US Government within the department of mutant affairs of a "last resort" option to handle the mutant issue. Permanently. These whispers have led to further investigation of little known contracts with high tech armor and advanced weaponry manufacturers. While still in rumor status. If such an option does come to fruition, we can only hope mutants will be prepared for such drastic measures."

Again sorry If im a day late and a dollar short.
Simon confirmed Sentinels outside DR? When?
i just read over his posts. all he confirmed was that they were not a major part of the movie. He did refer to them in the plural, but his posts make it seem likely that they won't be around outside the dr.
That search result has already been discussed on the Metal Monstrosities thread...

At the moment, the sentinels are only outside the DR, according to S. Kinberg
Well, they know that putting Trask in the movie and put together Sentinels and just use them in DR is a REAL waste of character. If they thought that it would be uncool to made this to Gambit, why would they do that with Sentinels?
Closing--we have 3 different discussions in effect on this subject.

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