Season 1, Episode 4 "Aldhani" (Spoiler Discussion)

Still thinking about this...


Reminds me of the Reeves Clark/Superman transformation.
Still thinking about this...

Best scene of the show yet, imo.
So far, overall, the production is the most impressive thing about it to me. I love the look so much. Coruscant was :atp:. I need some more Star Wars Biomes from this!

Both Gilroys it seems are excessively long-winded in their writing and it kinda drives me up the wall tbh (like everyone has to give a speech about their worldview before getting to the very basic goddamn point), but I like the story they're telling and the people they're telling it with so it doesn't hurt my enjoyment too much. Yet. They've got 8 more episodes to drive me further to the edge though. :funny:
This show just keeps getting better and better and I definitely think its the best written and acted out of all the Star Wars shows so far and maybe even the movies including the OG trilogy.

Stellan Skarsgard is just killing it and it was great seeing Richie from The Bear.
Stellan attempting to put on his art-dealer face was astonishing - so beautiful and ultimately so sad, top 3 SW 'acting moment' of all time.
Very impressed with Stellan this episode. He was a great get for this show.
Stellan's character is like a Star Wars Scarlet Pimpernel.

Comedian/rapper/actor Ben 'Doc Brown' Smith as an ISB officer is something I never could of pictured.
What a breath of fresh air this show is. There's actually a story being told here, instead of the empty nostalgia Star Wars has become in the last few years. They gave Mon Mothma more to do in a couple scenes than in all of her past appearances combined.

And those Empire scenes were fantastic. Nice to see a side to them that isn't just incompetence.

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