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    I'm trying to wrap my head around this, and maybe we just havent found out yet - but what exactly was the point of them all going to the future? They found out little to no helpful information, and only got hurt in one way or another. If they're stuck in a time loop (and assuming things can be changed) why are none of them leaving more concrete, helpful information for their past selves to retrieve? Even Future YoYo was very cryptic. Just seems like a huge waste of time to me. I've come up with a few possible reasons:

    1) We aren't done seeing the future yet, and we'll eventually get another iteration of the time loop, but with it being successful this time

    2) Deke is somehow the key to all of this

    3) They were supposed to save/cure Coulson in the future so whatever "choice" they had to make in the present (as per YoYo) is no longer a problem

    4) Robin is actually not helping, and she's caused the destruction of Earth. It seems like everyone went through a whole hell of a lot to get them to the future and then back to the past (they seem to have dedicated their entire lives to ensuring their past selves have a way to travel back) to not have really gained anything.

    Also - Where are Hunter and Robin? Why are they not seeking her out yet/immediately to find out what the deal is?

    I know its highly unlikely, but I'd love to see this season (series?) end with them back in the diner, but this time without being kidnapped and sent to the future... It would be a cool twist.
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    This season has sucked! There, I said it. It's ridiculous. The only time, and reason, I didn't give up on it was when Fitz came back into the picture to go find the rest of his team (and Simmons of course) and bring them back.

    I assumed it would get better when they got back to present day Earth. Sadly, it has me more confused. I've watched up to the latest episode so I guess I'll see it through, but if they don't bring back the old formula of the show where they are battling the forces of evil on Earth and not outer space, I'm done with the series. Enough with the time travel outer space mumbo jumbo!

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