The Flash Season 7x01: All's Wells That Ends Wells


Oh boy, yeah
Mar 10, 2015
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When an experiment to save Barry's speed backfires, Nash Wells searches for a way to save The Flash and comes up with a dangerous plan; Iris makes a startling realization inside the Mirrorverse.

Man it’s going to feel good to have this show back in my life.
Time for the Iris show.

I did not miss any form of Wells. Now they made up some lame excuse to get 5 of them in the same room? Im ready for this to go back on hiatus until S7 starts.
And now Barry acts like them all.
This episode is titled "All's Wells that ends Wells" but I'm tired of all the Wells.
This all still annoys me with this fallout from Crisis.

The Flash - Indiana Wells is the lone survivor of his OG world

Arrow - Laurel is the lone survivor of OG E2

Superman - Captain lex is the lone survivor of his OG world

Supergirl - Whole bar of dopplegangers that are sole survivors of their worlds
So is Wells gone for good now?
The Flash: Team Flash Suffers a Major Loss in "All's Wells That Ends Wells"

"Tom is an incredible actor. He's one talented dude. At some point they're going to dig deeper into an individual character rather than having so many of them all the time," series showrunner Eric Wallace told "But we do want to, let's just say, Tom, doesn't only play Wells on this show. When he's not playing Wells, it gives us more time for him to play a certain other bad guy."
My quick thoughts before Superman and Lois

Not a great premiere, but not a terrible one either. I probably should have rewatched the end of season 6 beforehand, but it felt a little off and a lot of filler for a premeire. The last ten minutes or so were the best part and the ending with Wells.

Where were Cisco and Caitlin? I'm assuming Danielle was still on maternity leave? I think the episode would have been better if it were the Cisco and Caitlin instead of the "JV team" with Chester and Allegra...Speaking of which, I'm assuming they're setting them up for a relationship. I got that vibe towards the end.

Looking forward to finally wrapping up this storyline and heading into the real season 7.
I skimmed through the episode because I wasn't all that interested in this story last season, and I'm glad. Not a great start, but at least we know this season doesn't really start for another few episodes. Still don't like that they've expanded the cast to such a degree, none of the new characters are interesting at all, but I'm glad it looks like we're done with all the ridiculous versions of Wells. I don't think Cavanaugh has played Thawne all that great since season 2, but maybe letting him stick to that role again for an extended period of time will be good.
So is Wells gone for good now?
The latest Wells is a stage magician, so likely also an escape artist. It’d be pointless for the show to create a new character and then get rid of him before using his abilities.

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