September 2011 Sales Estimates - Batman leads the flood of DC#1's


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No surprise that DC owned the top 20 with the exception of Fear Itself, Ultimate Spider-Man (a #1 issue itself) and ASM. It's worth noting while Marvel books were knocked down the rankings, their sales weren't affected. In some cases, sales numbers increased slightly for some books. Avengers was up nearly 1K and Uncanny X-Men was up 4K.

The real question will come next month with the release of the October numbers and how much drop off there is for the #2's....because there always is.

Punisher had a devastating drop off. It double shipped in Aug and had 42K for issue 2. Issue 3 in Sept went all the way down to 26K. It fell beneath DD #3 (39K) and Venom #7 (33K). With other books like Herc and Heroes 4 Hire now cancelled, Iron Man 2.0, Black Panther MDMA and Wolverine: The Best There Is now all move closer to the chopping block. I won't factor in the MAX books since they already have a limited target audience and Marvel has already committed to a 2nd maxi series for Deadpool MAX (yay!) Avengers Academy continues to hang on to 23K. :yay:
I am surprised Ultimate Spider-Man didn't do better. I would've thought that'd be in the top 5.
A new hispanic, gay lead only gets you so far when Superman's being remade from the ground up, I guess. :oldrazz:
Just imagine if they had made the new Superman Hispanic and gay.

DC could've broken the Obama/Spider-Man record.
Hm, Daredevil #4 rose about a 1,000 units from #3. Guess Marcos Martin drew some more people in.
Spider-Man didn't even get 100k.

Well, the numbers are close, but I am pretty surprised that Batman beat out Action Comics. Mainly because of Grant Morrison, though, more so than the characters, but I guess Snyder has a enough pull now to have it kept slightly on top.
Spider-Man never really hits 100k. ASM usually hovers around 70k.

I think he was referring to Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1 which had A LOT of publicity about Miles Morales and the previous series ended with almost 160,000 orders.

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1 debuted with not even 90,000. The second issue had less than 53,000 orders. It looks like this Ultimate relaunch is acting just like the previous relaunch in which the numbers were up for just a couple of months, but quickly went below previous levels and continued to drop. This doesn't bode well for the line.

And then when you take into account that Diamond took into account the returnability of the books and don't accurately reflect how a bunch of DC's books actually did. There are going to be almost no returns of any of the New 52 books and when you take into account for that, Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1 actually goes down the charts out of the top 10 being outsold by books like Batgirl, Teen Titans, and Aquaman.

When you consider all the hype and promotion Marvel put in the Ultimate revamp, it should be doing much better.
Maybe Peter's death is creating Ultimate Spider-Man's version of Brand New Day. Sales were all over the place for the first year or so of that due to a bunch of fans quitting outright, new readers coming in because of the new status quo, other fans trying it and then deciding to drop it, etc.

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