SF/Bay Area - Meet X-Men Cast Members on 5/15

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Jun 2, 2005
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This was posted over at www.superherotimes.com. Does not say who exactly.

Meet the X-Men on Monday May 15th


If you live in the SF/Bay area, you can meet some of the cast members from X-men The Last Stand on Monday, May 15th. Go to the Torpedo Wharf at the Golden Gate bridge between 10am and 12pm and not only will you meet some of the cast members from X-Men The Last Stand, you'll get free passes to an advance screening of the film and a collectible X-Men The Last Stand t-shirt. Get directions and maps at http://www.crissyfield.org/

X-men The Last Stand opens in theaters everywhere May 26.
www.x-menthelaststand.com www.myspace.com/xmenthelaststand

You can view the article here -----> http://www.superherotimes.com/newsarchive/001399.php
Wish I could be there...the cast members will probably be the stuntmen and extras!
I might try to go there if I can being that I live in SF. IU wonder who will be there
My best friend lives in SF.... maybe he will go for me. Just wish they mentioned who would be there.....
i just moved out the yay area but im only 40 mins aways i might need 2 check this out. peace.
First find out who is going to be there first before making the trip
Anyone know if there is any info available as to who exactly will be there?
Crap! Can someone update the title please? It is MAY 15th... not April...sorry.
Argh, I'll be in SF that day, but I have a final that afternoon! Meet cast members or eat cereal and prep for the final? Hurm...
It will PROBABLY be Anna, Shawn and Aaron. They've been doing most of these "meet and greets"
Just want to alert you San Francisco fans that you should act quickly on this deal--these collectibles are only available while supplies last.
damn why can't they all come to Australia :(
Hey so I was listening to SF radio station Live 105.3 and I heard some blurb about 'X-men cast members including Anna Paquin will be in the studio to talk about X3' so I'm thinking that pretty much confirms at least she'd be there. I think I'm gonna definitely try to be there (and earlyish). Anyone else?

Here's the Live 105 site:

And here's where you can listen for the X-cast on Live 105 ONLINE on Monday morning (register first):
Anybody going willing to get me an autograph of Aaron Stanford or Dania Ramirez if they are there? :D
Yes! I live in a suburb of SF. I hope James Marsden will be there, hes my favorite actor cause he plays as Cyclops. I wont if he doesnt.
Was anyone able to attend? I had a computer final today that just let out so I wont make it
i went to the event today and it was pretty cool. i would say about a crowd of 30-40 people were there. they gave away t-shirts, hats, mini-posters, mp3 cards, and advanced screening passes. the shirts said "why fit in when you were born to stand out?". the stars to show up were anna paquin, shawn ashmore, and dania ramirez. they were set up for press junkets (which should look amazing since the backdrop was the golden gate bridge) so the crowd had to wait about 2 hours for the stars to finish up their interviews. they were pretty cool the whole time waving once and awhile. finally, they all came by, took pictures and autographed stuff. everyone who was there got what they wanted and the stars all took time to chit chat. it was awesome. they were all cool and thanked everyone for coming out.

anna is a lot prettier in person than i thought she would be. out of everyone she talked the least to people but signed everything and took pictures. it was also freezing outside. dania looks a lot different than in the trailer/commercials. probably because her hair wasn't pulled back. but still gorgeous. she seemed genuinely excited to be there chatting it up and giving the rock out sign to fans during their interviews. shawn has the most amazing blue eyes EVER. haha. he was awesome and chatted with people and was grateful for people sticking it out in the freezing cold. the boy is skinny though. skinnier than the girls.

all in all. it was pretty awesome. i chatted with the Fox rep there and she said she saw it twice and loved it (of course). she admitted that it was really fast paced, with less character development but a lot more action. also it made her cry a few times. she also mentioned that this is definitely the last one in the near future and there are no current plans to make another except the spin-offs (she said the wolverine script is going under a second draft). here are some pics:


shawn ashmore


dania ramirez


anna paquin

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