Shame On You.


You Better Run
Sep 30, 2007
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Well this thread is a simple idea really, you say when the last time you felt guilt or shame and what you were shamed or feeling guilty about.

I think its only fair I start so the last time I felt guilty was just before Christmas, when I refused to babysit my sisters kids so I could go out.
I demolitionised a village's water well.

But I made a new one.

But still felt shamed about demolitionising the first one.
I unleashed a giant monster in Manhattan, destroying it and forcing the U.S Government to level the city...

Yeah. Im over it now but, it was a doosy.
I killed a hooker...

but then I ruined it by not washing my hands afterwards...I feel so ashamed.
Then we drank Natty Ice. I feel even MORE ashamed. :(
I watched Batman and Robin a few days ago.
I did something last night that I'm not sure if I am ashamed of yet. I'll get back to you.
I threw some trash on the ground today , yeah that's right , plastic wrap... right on the ground , then i walked away without looking back . I don't even feel guilty , It's like I'm dead inside. I could do it again ...again , and again. I'm turning into something evil .
I've been feeling really guilty about my waste and the environment lately. :csad:
Damn you Oprah, damn you! :mad:
In short, something that I didn't do with a couple of hot females I met at the bar a couple nights ago. :O
My partner told me they loved me and I didn't say it back...

I then went through the xmas and new year break without calling or texting them once...

I don't really feel guilt, but I do plenty of things that SHOULD make me feel guilty.....
My mom has a unique talent for making me feel guilty about things that originally I didn't feel guilty at all about. Even guilty for other peoples mistakes.
I Feel gulity for paying my Credit Card a day late. Lord Forgive me!

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