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Shawn Ryan and Eddie Murphy bringing "Beverly Hills Cop" to TV


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Apr 4, 2004
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Eddie Murphy and Shawn Ryan Are Teaming Up to Make a Beverly Hills Cop TV Show
By Josef Adalian

Nearly a year ago, Eddie Murphy told Rolling Stone that he was interested in turning his classic 1984 action comedy Beverly Hills Cop into a TV show. Now Vulture has learned exclusively that the project is not only a reality, but that The Shield creator Shawn Ryan is leading the charge to resurrect Axel Foley. Multiple industry insiders tell us Ryan, Murphy and Sony Pictures Television have partnered on a small screen adaptation of the massively successful film franchise, and that broadcast networks began hearing their pitch on the spin-off this afternoon. And here's the kicker: In addition to his main role as an exec producer, Murphy has agreed to an on-camera role in the show. Feel free to begin doing the Neutron Dance.

Murphy telegraphed his intent to be a visible presence in the TV version of Cop during his chat with Rolling Stone last October. "I'd do the pilot, show up here and there," he told the magazine. Murphy was also very specific about the idea he had for reviving Axel. It would be a series "starring Axel Foley's son, and Axel is the chief of police now in Detroit." Vulture hasn't heard details of the pitch to networks, so it's very possible that the concept Ryan and Murphy is bringing to the networks has changed since. Our spies were only sure that the series is designed to be "a buddy cop show," that it will be an hourlong crime procedural with strong comedic elements (hello, CBS!), and that Murphy would appear in the pilot and possibly a few special episodes throughout the first season.

As for the major players in this version, Murphy and his self-titled production company were producers on the Cop movie franchise, which is one reason he's on board as an exec producer. Sony has an overall deal with Ryan (who's getting ready to launch The Last Resort on ABC), and Paramount Pictures released the feature films (though it's unclear what role the movie studio might have in the TV take). Still, one thing is for certain: Multiple networks will go crazy for the chance to make this show. Also, if producers don't use "Axel F" as the theme song, we will not be amused.
With Ryan involved, I can't not be intrigued... :up:
What, no takers? Or did the Whedon/SHIELD news just steal this thing's thunder? :hehe:
Sounds like it could be fun.

Hopefully it gets picked up by a cable network. Fx or USA could be good.
NBC will probably air lift a bank vault onto Murphy's property to get the series on their network.

Eddie Murphy as Axel and Michael J.Fox in a new comedy will outdraw whatever new shows Fox, CBS or ABC debut next fall.

If Community is canceled can they get Donald Glover as Axel's son?
If Murphy isn't strongly considering having a regular role in this, he's got another thing coming. Come on, Eddie..... your movie star days are passed. At least on TV, you might be treated as if you deserve respect.... or in other words: not like a man who's starred in films like Norbit and Pluto Nash. :o
Shawn Ryan as the showrunner intrigues me in that I wonder how comedic the series will be given the involvement of the creator of THE SHIELD.
Murphy may just be apart of the pilot and may remain as Last Resort showrunner or he may leave Last Resort to someone else if it isn't canceled and become showrunner for BHC.
‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Series Lands At CBS With Pilot Production Commitment

Sherlock Holmes, meet Axel Foley. In a very competitive situation, CBS, which has new Sherlock Holmes drama Elementary coming this fall, has landed Beverly Hills Cop, a series offshoot from the blockbuster movie franchise. The films’ star Eddie Murphy and The Shield creator Shawn Ryan executive produce the Sony TV-produced project, which has received a pilot production commitment from CBS.

Shawn Ryan Beverly Hills Cop TV SeriesRyan will serve as showrunner on the potential series, a sequel to the three movies that chronicled the exploits of wise-cracking Detroit detective Axel Foley (Murphy) in Los Angeles. The proposed series has a similar fish-out-of-water setup and centers on Axel Foley’s blue-collar police officer son, Aaron, who helps take down the criminal elements of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills while trying to escape the shadow of his larger-than-life father. Murphy will reprise his role as Axel in the pilot and may recur if the pilot goes to series. Ryan will write the script and executive produce with his producing partner at MiddKid Prods. Marney Hochman.

Murphy had been trying to get a Beverly Hills Cop series about Axel’s son off the ground for about a year, after plans for a fourth movie were scrapped. He took the premise to his agency WME, which paired him with fellow client Ryan. Because of Ryan’s overall deal at Sony TV, the project was set up there after lengthy and complicated deal-making with Paramount Pictures, which produced the movies and will own a piece of the potential series.

Beverly Hills Cop, which was pitched to all four major broadcast networks last week, is right in CBS’ wheelhouse: a light procedural with a male lead in the vein of NCIS, The Mentalist, Hawaii Five-0 and Elementary. CBS also likes taking on famous properties as evidenced by its successful reboot of Hawaii Five-0 and Elementary.

This marks Ryan’s return to CBS, where he executive produced and ran military drama The Unit. Just like he did back then, when he ran The Unit and his FX cop drama The Shield simultaneuously, Ryan, managed by the Shuman Co., will shepherd the Beverly Hills Cop pilot while running the upcoming ABC drama Last Resort. Beverly Hills Cop also marks Ryan’s return to his comedy roots. He started off in half-hour comedy and did a three-year stint on CBS’ action comedy/drama Nash Bridges. His most recent dramedy effort was FX’s well-regarded Terriers. Murphy rose to prominence on TV as a star of Saturday Night Live before segueing to features. He returned to TV as creator of The Royal Family and co-creator of The PJs.

Beverly Hills Cop marks the second pilot production commitment for CBS this season, along with Backstrom, a drama penned by Hart Hanson based on the Backstrom books. Its series reboots in the works for next season include the Vince Vaughn-produced The Brady Bunch, which, like Beverly Hills Cop, is a sequel centered on one of the Bradys sons; and Have Gun – Will Travel, from The Unit creator David Mamet.

If Murphy's character is going to be in Detroit and his son in Beverly Hills, that probably will limit the cameos. Alec Baldwin was only supposed to be in the 30 Rock pilot, then 8 episodes and then he was on for the entire series.

The BHC Trilogy, Adjusted For Inlfation
1 Beverly Hills Cop Par. $538,543,100 $234,760,478 12/5/84
2 Beverly Hills Cop II Par. $315,190,200 $153,665,036 5/20/87
3 Beverly Hills Cop III Par. $81,763,500 $42,614,912 5/25/94

So if this gets picked up where do you think it lands on CBS' solid schedule? CSI's Wednesday at 10pm slot or The Good Wife's 9pm Sunday one?
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It won't happen unless it moves to a different night, but I'd love seeing this paired with Hawaii Five-0.
It won't happen unless it moves to a different night, but I'd love seeing this paired with Hawaii Five-0.

Even more epic: make them part of a shared universe. Have the occasional crossover.
It won't happen unless it moves to a different night, but I'd love seeing this paired with Hawaii Five-0.

Well they already did a crossover with NCIS so a "Beverly Hill/Hawaii Five-0" crossover episode probably isn't out of the question.
It won't happen unless it moves to a different night, but I'd love seeing this paired with Hawaii Five-0.

Knowing CBS they'll probably do a crossover in the second season and a spinoff in the third.
This can be easily updated:

UPDATE: I asked Ryan for some thoughts on getting the keys to Axel Foley's kingdom, and this is what he wrote:

I always loved the movies, the character of Axel and the juxtaposition of blue collar midwest vs. Beverly Hills wealthy. Having the opportunity to explore this in television and especially to write for Eddie Murphy is an opportunity I couldn't turn down. Eddie is very excited about this and pumped to play Axel again. Perhaps the most exciting aspect for me is to do something more comedic than I've done before. We'll be doing a mixture of scripted and improvisational comedy that I don't think (to my knowledge) has been done in the 1-hour drama universe before. Also, in an era where most new shows are being shipped out of Los Angeles, we'll get to film this here, which will bring me closer to production after a run of shows ("Terriers," "Chicago Code," "Last Resort") that have all filmed out of town. Finally, this is the kind of thing a lot of people will say can't be done (or at least done well) and I love the challenge of trying to prove them wrong. Going to be fun. Especially at CBS where I have a history with Nina and co., whom I all love.

No word yet on whether any or all of Bronson Pinchot, Damon Wayans, John Ashton or Judge Reinhold will also be appearing in the series, but we have to assume they are available. Also no word on whether Aaron Foley will also be good at sweet-talking hotel managers:
Nah, there was that frog ringtone commercial from years ago...
Captain Todd will never be the same in this project...

"don't think, Axel, PLEASE don't think... 'cause every time you think, it makes my dick itch"... :lmao:

every time I hear that line, I just crack up...
I can't wait to see who they get to direct the pilot. Who's good in action these days?
This show needs some Honorable Judge Reinhold
Its a shame Damon Waynes Jr is doing Happy Endings because he would make a good Axel Foley Jr.

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