Shazam: Fury of the Gods General News and Discussion Thread

Man good thing DC is being reset I guess IMG_3991.jpeg
I just saw that...yeah its a good thing that this is over.
I will miss the rest of the cast, especially since i think a Mary Marvel Shazam movie could be super cool...but Levi, im glad its over, get him away as far as possible from DC stuff.
It keeps getting worse with him.
Sucks because i do liked him and saw a big future for him...but now, the less i see of him the better.
Insufferable awful person.
I don't question that he is an idiot in general, but like the article says he previously had been very vocal about supporting the strikes and this whole speech now could indeed be some dumb attempt at humour. Whatever that was, he shouldn't have made those comments but he doesn't seem to be opposed to his union like Amell came out to be.
I just re-watched this last weekend and it actually held up really well to repeat viewing. I love that in the finale it's back to Billy/Shazam being on their own and there was actually some of the first movies heart left here. Shame it bombed.
Just got to see this movie for the first time. I liked it though it was a little all over the place.

There's a good movie in there somewhere but some of the character choices just seem confusing. Like the Wizard. 1st off he's back with no real explanation. Then he regrets choosing Billy, then he doesn't. Also he doesn't do anything really "Wizard-y". The villians are also all over the place in their motives.

The film needs a re-edit. . . . .

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