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SHAZAM!: The Series


He who is BlackMagic
Dec 15, 2012
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Hi. My Name is Todd. And I need your help.

Recently I wrote a blog on ign.com about having a SHAZAM! tv show. I love Arrow and I thought that SHAZAM! would be a good anti-thesis to Arrow in that it would be based in the magical side of the DCU and would be focused more on the family instead of just having a lone hero lying to everyone. The link is below if you want to read what I have.


I got some good response from the blog and I decided I wanted to take this one step furthur. Why just say I want a SHAZAM! show when I can make one myself? I knew the two most important things would be: A. to get two people who could pass as Billy and SHAZAM! and B. A wicked costume.

Fortunately I have family who resemble both each other and Billy and SHAZAM!. Then I found a guy who was more than willing to make a SHAZAM! costume New 52 style. Problem is its out of my price range.

So in the efforts of both doing this and getting people involved I started a Kickstarter project to raise money to get the costume and make an awesome fan video. This is where I need your help.

I'm trying to raise a $1000. Right now I have $20 donated.....yeah I need a lot more.

For the record you don't have to donate. I could use help spreading the word out. I've tagged all my sites and will continue to for the next month but I know I won't reach everyone.

Per Kickstarter rules every donation has a reward, donate $50 or more and I'll actually put you in the video. But to honest with all of you $10 from anyone would be great. If I get 100 people to donate $10 I'm set and I know that a lot of people will be watching this.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter project:


Any help would be appreciated. SHAZAM! has been one of my favorite heroes for a long time. He's finally getting the recognition he deserves and I want to help bolster that. This is one fanboy asking other fanboys for help that's all.

I thank you all for your time.

Todd, I like your idea.

Hopefully, DC/WB will get off their arses and make a Capt. Marvel film, but until then a tv show is the next best thing. I thought for awhile they were going to make a kids' cartoon based on the Adventures of Shazaam comics, but I guess they aren't.

I would like to help out with your fanmade video. I like filmmaking, acting and screenplay writing and someday hope to make my way out to LA or another major film/tv market to pursue that dream. However, until then I try to do as much as I can where I can.

With that said, I would like to in some way help out with this project not only because I am an interest in filmmaking, but because I am a fan of Capt. Marvel/Shazaam as you can probably tell by the avi I made. He is my favorite DC hero after Bats, before the Flash & Superman lol.

I've always wanted to see Capt. Marvel explore the more mystic and magical characters in DC's line up as well as the cosmic universe as well. All those things go hand in hand. So seeing as how you have already thought of that too from your blog, I can tell you're a definite fan and know where to take the character.

I will definitely check out your links and donate when I am able.
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@Midnight Black

Thanks bro I totally appreciate it! SHAZAM! is one of my favorites too, and just like you he's behind Batman who I would also like to write for, I wrote a pitch for a cartoon featuring the Bat-family. It's in the SHAZAM! blog if you want to read.

I totally want to make this and I'm trying to get all the pieces together. I know people are interested in this because I'm getting emails from people who want to act in this (they're close to where I live so it's kind of biased but whatever).

I'm trying to get some cosplayers involved because I want to do a preview of what would come if the show was made. So if you have any cosplay friends please let them know!

If you donate that'll help a lot, but also like I said above just spread the word. The more people who know about this the more chances this gets made and made well. And I'm welcome to all kinds of help making this. I'll definitely ask for your help when it comes time to make this.

In the meantime just help out by spreading the word, this can happen if fanboys like us are behind it.

Guess the only thing left to say is.....SHAZAM!

P.S. I totally want an AVI like that when I get access!
Awesome. I will definitely spread the word and link this thread in my signature when I get a chance.

If you are nearby any cities that host comic/cosplay conventions you might also want to spread the word there too.

If I'm still around by the time you are able to get an avi, hit me up and I'll make you one!
I keep thinking WBs ace announced they're going todo inmates films and I think Shazam could work in that medium.

Of course I'd prefer live-action though and a series could work if they had a sizeable budget.

And Todd best of luck with this project.
Thanks BH/HHH.

If you can please spread the word like Midnight Black, I need all the help I can get to make this and make it look good.

Just an update for those interested I'm having a guy work on the entrance to the show, we're going for a magical/lightning based epic entrance and hope to be able to show it soon.
Update part 2!: Our logo designer went the extra mile and made a tweak and then added sound which really adds to the video. We've uploaded it to youtube for easier viewing.


Hope you'll help out with the video!
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Update part 3!

Finally I got a key piece of my SHAZAM! puzzle. What's a fan-film without a poster? Here is the official poster for my SHAZAM! fan-film.

I only have about 12 days left and could really use your help. I'm trying to raise $1000 and it's going slow. Any help would be appreciated

Hope you like the pic! Oh and I posted the link for the Kickstarter project if you wish to help.


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Thanks! I'm working on the second one now. My project will be put on hold for now (unless someone wants to donate a lot of money) so i'll work on making a small preview to try and get people excited and want to help out.
Never saw it, and based on what I heard it wasn't that good. My web-series (whenever it gets made) will be faithful to the comics.

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