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Jul 28, 2005
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On the off chance that there are enough people on here that like/follow Golf, I have started a Fantasy League on Yahoo.

League ID = 7477
Password = eagle

The league starts this Thursday, though I will allow people to join up untillthe start of the third week. Don't worry if you start late, it's a long season and easy to catch up if you choose well. This might be an elimination league, depending on how many sign up and/or what the general feeling is, meaning there may be cuts throughout the season. The amount of cuts will be determined by how many people join.

For those who have not played fantasy golf, here is an overview:
Each week, you choose an eight-man team from among three groupings of golfers. Then, before each round, you select a starting foursome. Between rounds you can bring reserves off your bench to take the place of struggling starters.

The challenge is not only to pick the best team week in and week out, but also to manage your team in a way that produces the highest possible fantasy score.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Golf is a weekly game that begins with the Mercedes-Benz Championship on Thursday, January 4 and runs through the end of The Tour Championship on Sunday, September 16.

Available golfers are broken into three groups (A, B, and C) and are not moved between groups at any time during the season. However, additional golfers can be entered into the game at any point during the season.
To choose or edit your team, click the "Select" link on your Team page for the appropriate golfer grouping (A, B, or C List). You must choose an eight-man squad that includes two members from the A List, four from the B List, and two from the C List.
Select golfers by marking the checkboxes next to their names and clicking "Submit." Your selections are not saved unless you select the "Submit" button.
The deadline to make team changes for the next week's tournament is 2:00 a.m. PT each Thursday (or the day of the first round). If you don't make any changes by this deadline, your team remains the same for the next tournament.

Each golfer in Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Golf can be an active member of your team in no more than 10 tournaments. For the purposes of this game, if you have a golfer active for any one round of a tournament, it counts as him playing in that tournament. Likewise, a golfer who is on your team, but stays in a reserve position for all four rounds, does not get credit for a tournament played.
When a golfer has reached the 10-tournament limit, he no longer accumulates any fantasy points for your team even if he occupies an active roster spot. This limit does not change no matter when you join the game.
If you reach the 10-tournament limit for a golfer on your current roster, you cannot release them and subsequently reacquire them. You can keep the golfer on your roster, but he no longer accumulates any points.
This limit applies to the entire Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Golf season and does not get reset for the second half. If you use a golfer 10 times in the first half of the season, he isn't eligible to earn any fantasy points for the remainder of the season.

Since not all golfers participate in all tournaments, it's a good idea to keep an eye on the Notes column on your Team Page when deciding which players to select and make active. These Notes, which are available each week beginning at approximately noon PT on Tuesday, indicate which golfers haven't entered the current week's tournament, as well as those who have withdrawn, been disqualified or failed to make the cut after the first two rounds. (Note: Not all golfers make the cut at each tournament, so some golfers can only complete two of the four rounds.)
The following codes are used in the Notes column: NE = Not entered; DQ = Disqualified; WD = Withdrawn; MC = Missed cut; * = Information not yet available.
During some weeks, more than one real-life tournament takes place. When this occurs, we choose one of the tournaments to be the official Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Golf tournament for that week. Click the "Schedule" link on your Team Page to see a schedule of upcoming tournaments.
For more info on rules go here:
Come on, there's gotta be some golf fans on here. :cmad:
I want a link posted to the league log-in in here.
Hahaha, looks like it might be you and me. :o
Need more players!! :cmad:
The only thing I know about golf, is that there are some fine women in the LPGA :up:
That enough, sign up!

Please :(
I didn't even know there was such a thing as fantasy golf. :huh:
Well now you know and knowing is half the battle...
im usually pretty good at fantasy golf..but i hate yahoo when it comes to fantasy ill pass regretibly
A free pic of a Playboy Playmate* with every sign-up!!! :wow:

*Proof of age required, so they may or may not be nude.

Yes, I'm getting desperated. :(
A free pic of a Playboy Playmate* with every sign-up!!! :wow:

*Proof of age required, so they may or may not be nude.

Yes, I'm getting desperated. :(

I didn't get mine :down
What playmate do you want?
Make it a surprise playmate.
I would love to play this but I do not have a yahoo account. I will create one tonight and get back to you.
First place, by 100 points!! :o

To bad it just me and Fran. And, Fran hasn't changed his lineup in like 3 weeks. :cmad:

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