Should Batman be powered down


Sep 10, 2004
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I'm not kidding about this.
Batman current stats are that he can bench 725, he is an olympic level athlete in EVERY event (does this mean he is a good sychronised swimmer). and that he is the world's smartest man (I shortened this bio by a lot)

He by 17 had 4 third degree black belts and started lifting at age 12 (which would mean in real life he would get past being 4 foot 5 in his life, lifting that young stunts your growth).

Don't you think its time they powered him down a little, maybe even retconned his origin a little to make his trainning seem slightly more--oh I don't know--believable
Batman has no super powers.He should not be "powered down",he is one of the only successful heros who can go anywhere without powers.
He can bench 725? But there was a story in which he became addicted to steroids after he couldn't save a person who was traped under a 400 pound beam. And if he could bench 725, he's be way more riped than he's usually drawn. He'd have muscles like beach balls.
He couldn't save the girls life cuz he couldn't lift a boulder, causing the girl to drown... he got addicted to a form of Venom steroid...
I'd say yes. He's way too "powerful," and I don't mean in terms of his strength. I mean this whole "everyone fears Batman," world's greatest scientist, master of all martial arts, prep time invinciblility, uber-high-tech costume bull****.

I'd say it's long past time to portray him as NORMAL for a while. Remember those detective skills? That used to mean something. Now it's just a minor aspect to his character, which has been overshadowed by the above-mentioned stuff.

Batman needs to eat some humble pie for a good long time.
yeah I can agree that I'm getting alittle tired of the fact that just about everyone in the DCU "fears" him, thats alittle old. But I don't think his the worlds smartest man.
He's not supposed to be the world's smartest man... he's the best detective though... he sees connections other people don't see... he can fight, too, which is cool... and yes, i think he should be more of a detective... but he is still genius level... imagine this: if you had no social life, you coyuld easily devote your whole life to certain trades... that's what he did... so time is not really an issue...
Personally, I think Batman should be written as "a Jack of all trades, but a master of none." He's good at alot of stuff (fighting, detective skills, forensics), but he aint necesairlily da best.
No, Batman should not be powered down.

And yes, I'm only saying that because I'm a Batman fan. :o
I like Batman just the way he is. The stories in his books are still entertaining to me, so I don't see any need for change.
Jesus Christ, he just got the s**t beat out of him by Superman. Maybe he should get "powered down," so next time, instead of being in critical condition, he can just die.

Even if does have the skills, it seems that everyone else is just as brilliant a tactician, detective, fighter, etc. So why does it even matter?

In short, no, he shouldn't have his non-existant powers downgraded.
Batman should always be an absolute badass. The hardest non -powered hero in the DC unverse - One person you would definately think twice about messing with. It's up to the villains to raise their game if they want to get past Bats.
I don't think he should be "powered down," he should just stop winning bull**** fights that he has no business winning.
No because many people are better than him in many fields:

Deathstroke is a better tactitican

Lady Shiva, Batgirl, Richard Dragon, and the Bronze Tiger are better martial artists

Mr. Miracle is a better escape artist

Green Arrow, Arsenal, Connor Hawke, and Arrowette have better aim than him

Dr. Mid-Nite has better knowledge than him at medicine

Bane is stronger than him, even without the Venom

The list can go on and on
The Leaguer said:

I gotta add to that, it wasn't just him, it was him and Nightwing.

should we power down Nightwing too?

Now I agree with you that they shouldn't have won that fight, but I don't think it justifies powering down either of them.
I wish he use more of his detective skills than asking Oracle for info. Also I wouldn't his attitude to change some, he's way too rude and tough with everyone.

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