Sequels Should there be a death between SR and the Sequel? (Spoilers)



It was revealed in the novel of Superman Returns, that 'Jason Christopher White' (as referred to by Mike D) is a very sick, frail child. If he is the child of Superman and Lois, it would probably mean Kryptonian DNA and Human DNA don't mix well.

Should Jason be terminally ill?

That obviously means he wont pass away in Superman Returns, but it will be obvious that he will one day soon. Even though Lois stays with Richard at the end of Superman Returns (according to the novel), Superman still stays around to watch over them all.

The sequel should take place a year after the child has passed on and deals with the characters adjusting to their loss. The passing of Jason could also be the device that brings Lois and Superman together again...when they need each other the most, therefore Jason would have served a greater purpose in the grand scheme of things.

I think it would be a smart move to obviously not show Jason dying on screen but the characters dealing with it; one year later.

The best way to get Richard out of the picture is his job. Hes an international reporter and probably works overseas quite often. When Lois needed him the most, he wasnt there....but Superman/Clark would be.

I think it could be powerful, if handled right.
Not a bad idea, but I still think there is more to this story then the novel has us to believe.
What would happen if Richard dies, and Lois and Clark start dating and Clark becomign the step-father? Would that work?
I'd rather Jason go but damn....

SFX: You do have a situation where Lois has a five year old kid and Superman’s been gone for five years – any connection?
SINGER: No, it’s a kid she’s had with Richard White. There is very little with the exception of Kryptonite that Superman can’t defeat. This dilemma is undefeatable. You can’t turn back the clock for five years and erase a child. You may be able to woo her away from her fiancé, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

SFX: So this kid is a permanent reminder that he left.
SINGER: Exactly. And it was the greatest obstacle I could come up with for Superman. Honestly, I was trying to come up with all kinds of obstacles and I thought, “What would be something that he cannot overcome?” Even in the original Superman, Lois Lane died and he overcame that by turning back time. Here, this child has been around for nearly five years and there’s nothing he can do about it.

That kinda puts this thread to waste!

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