Show your Gratitude

When I was last in the Army (2 years ago) we weren't supposed to be walking around in uniform because it made us "targets". I wonder what's changed?

People used to say thank you to me all the time. I even had a little girl ask me for my autograph when I was on airport security duty after 9/11. She came up to me while I was holding a big ol' rifle and pulled on my sleeve and said, "Um... Army lady? Can I have your autograph?" Cutest. Thing. Ever.
That was a wonderful video and I have often shown my gratitude by saying thank you, as well as, secretly paying for their lunch/dinner. I have also given out gift cards to them and their families in the malls during holidays and just said thank you. They all do us a great service and without them our country could not be. I thank them from the bottom of my heart each and every day.
that's great in the US that you support your army over hear we generally feel guilty about having an army but that's just stupid political correctness
I've seen more left wing extremists denounce soldiers instead of showing gratitude. As someone who is considering the Air Force I have a lot of respect for the people of the Army and Marines who are out in the most dangerous areas.

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