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Mar 9, 2006
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Last Stand for Cyclops in future movies

This petition is for the sole purpose of relaying to fox studios how a great majority of the fans are unhappy with the way Cyclops has been portrayed in the X-men trilogy. This took a while to create and required alot of cooperation so please take the time to read it

Here is the link:

I am starting this petition to convey the strong feeling of anguish and utter disappointment about the fact that Cyclops does indeed die in Xmen: The Last Stand. Cyclops is an icon in the Xmen universe and killing him off in such a un heroic way is a great injustice to the fans. I recently saw a clip from the new movie which featured both James Marsden and Hugh Jackman on a 7 minute feature. I strongly feel Jimmy did an outstanding job of conveying the emotion of a crushed soul. The way he just read his lines really made me feel for his character. Like I said James Marsden has become such a talented actor and it seems he plays such a great part in this movie even though he wasn’t offered much screen time. Cyclops is such a complex and dynamic character and Jimmy really has come such a long way in his capabilities. We the fans want to make it known that writing Cyclops out of the franchise will not sit well with us for future movies. Cyclops should have a significant role if X4 is made. You must consider everything which includes the multitude of people that want to see more of Scott Summers on the big screen, the fact that James Marsden did such an outstanding job in the little amount of time he had to work with and lastly the fact that Cyclops is such a renowned character in the comics. It is only right that you realize that the fans deserve their due if another movie is made. Death is extremely relative in the Xmen universe. So if Scott does indeed die in this film and isn’t brought back that shouldn’t be the end of his character forever in the franchise. I do feel this will be a quality movie since it includes an excellent story, amazing special effects and a great cast. If another movie is made, however, which is highly likely due to the fact this one is going to be a great success at the box office………..We want Fox to be aware that we play a huge role in making these movies a reality. If it was not for us, this trilogy would never have been a possibility and many of us see Cyclops as a powerful icon in our lives. So, if another chapter is written in the X-men Universe…….Cyclops must finally be given his chance to truly shine on the BIG SCREEN.
" will make the difference."

before i sign this, i want to know

what is the difference you think will be made?

his fate is set in stone for X3 with less then 2 weeks away, they aren't going to re shoot it, so are you thinking that this pettition will give him the meraculous ressurection in X4?

if that is so, i will sign this, but i don't think it will be nessecary because if an X4 goes down, i honestly think your looking at the 3 desceased from X3 ressurected (scott jean xavier) because they can't go on with out xavier, he is the xmen, fan reaction to cyclops will bring him back regardless of petittion, and if they are going to bring cyke back they might as well bring jean back too

i will sign this, but i don't think it is nessecary
Come on X-men and Cyke Fans, let's sign the petition.:) :up:
Whoever saw the movie....didnt James do an excellent job with the small amount of time he was given??
171....and rising help the cause for a new movie which will be made since this one is expected to make a ton at the box office

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