Sin City: A Dame to Kill For ... News Thread


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Jan 29, 2006
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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For ... News Thread.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, the prequel/sequel to Sin City, is currently filming at Robert Rodriguez's Troublemaker Studios in Austin, Texas.

The first Sin City film was an adaption of Sin City: The Hard Goodbye, Sin City: The Big Fat Kill, Sin City: That Yellow Bastard, and "The Customer is Always Right" short story.

The prequel/sequel is an adaption of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Sin City: Just Another Saturday Night, and two new stories written by Frank Miller for the film.

Co-directed by Robert Rodriguez and creator Frank Miller.

Starring Josh Brolin (Dwight McCarthy before facial reconstruction surgery), Clive Owen (Dwight McCarthy after facial reconstruction surgery), Dennis Haysbert (Manute), Mickey Rourke (Marv), Jessica Alba (Nancy Callahan), Rosario Dawson (Gail), Jamie Chung (Miho), Jaime King (Goldie and Wendy), Michael Madsen (Bob), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Johnny), Bruce Willis (John Hartigan). Also starring Ray Liotta, Jeremy Piven, Juno Temple, Christopher Meloni and Alexa Vega.

Writer/co-director Frank Miller explained, "Sin City number 2 is primarily an adaptation of the book A Dame to Kill For. It also features the short story, Just Another Saturday Night and two new stories. One involving Jessica Alba’s character, Nancy Callahan, that I came up with for the movie in order to tie things together and make it be more united with the first."

"It jumps around a bit," Frank Miller said, "but mostly it's one story, incorporating some short stories that weave in and out of that."

A Dame to Kill For shows the back-story of Dwight McCarthy, when he was a clean-living photographer who tries to avoid trouble. His tactics don't do him much good when a girl from his past, Ava Lord, shows up and professes her love for him. When she says she's in way over her head, saying she wants his help to escape her abusive husband, billionaire Damien Lord, it looks as though trouble has found him, along with Marv, etc. However, Ava's true intentions are more sinister than they appeared to be to Dwight.

"There was always a different actor to be played for Dwight; that's how it was in the book. He had a complete facial reconstruction," co-director Robert Rodriguez explained. "Clive even mentions that in Sin City, that he had gotten his face changed and you don't know what he's talking about. Well, this explains what he's talking about." Rodriguez said Josh Brolin is perfect in the role and expects fans to love his performance. "We're going to have a blast. He is so pumped, he's so excited," Rodriguez said. "He's so much fun. I worked with him before and haven't worked with him since. What a professional, what a great guy."

The Just Another Saturday Night segment shows Marv regaining consciousness on a highway overlooking the Projects. Marv stumbles across a gang of spoiled frat boys getting their kicks by setting homeless people on fire. Intent on showing them the error of their ways, Marv answers their savagery with some of his own.

A new segment written by Frank Miller for the film shows Nancy Callahan on the run from Senator Roark’s men, after John Hartigan killed Roak's murderous, child-molesting son, Junior, and John Hartigan had committed suicide to try and protect Nancy. “Bruce (Willis) is back, so you’ll be seeing him,” Robert Rodriguez confirmed.

The Long Bad Night is another new segment written by Frank Miller for the film, featuring "Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing a gambler (Johnny)," Robert Rodriguez explains. "A very cocky gambler that comes in and tries to beat the biggest villain in Sin City at his own game. He beats the wrong guy at a game... bad stuff happens to him."

"It's an incredible world that Frank Miller created, with such a cast of characters throughout the books that intertwine," Rodriguez said of his co-director and Sin City creator Frank Miller. "And that's why I loved the books for 10 years before I made the movie. I loved how one character would show up in another character's story and how all the stories would intertwine, prequels, sequels, back and forward in time, and to get to do that in a movie and put these people together and to see Frank respond to something he sat in a room drawing, to see the performer step in costume and have come from his imagination and to see him just smile really big, that's the best gratification you can get, to watch him see it come to life."

Frank Miller teased, "We'll see just how far we can take things. The technology has progressed so the options are endless."
"The biggest difference, I haven't really spoken about this, is that we're shooting it in 3-D," Robert Rodriguez said. "So if you know that world, it's so stylized and abstract, but when you see it in three dimensions, even Frank (Miller), he's totally gotten into it. We're using Jim Cameron's new cameras, and they're just fantastic. It's really stunning to be in that stylized of a world and dimensions and feel like you're in Sin City. It's going to be a very immersive experience into a very bizarre world. I think this is one that people will say, 'You have to see this one in 3-D,' because it's really going to pop in a different way that couldn't be in a traditional film."

Robert Rodriguez explained, "The only story we've completely shot is one of the intro stories, that's completely done, and the other ones we've just been sort of piece mealing, bits and pieces and places as actors become available, so three stories still have a little bit of footage to complete. We shot this in 3-D, we didn't shoot the first Sin City in 3-D, and I wouldn't want to convert that, because the difference in shooting it is just, you can't even compare it. I mean we're sitting there on the set and we're looking at it, we know it couldn't compare, we couldn't convert the first Sin City to look like this, we're really playing with stuff because that's a very 2-dimensional world already, it's very stylized, and to see that stylization in 3-D will blow peoples minds. 3-D hasn't been used like this yet and we really using the latest Jim Cameron/Vince Pace camera's that just got off the factory line, they look like Ferrari's, I mean their beautiful, you drive them, with these cameras that are small and compact, their beautiful cameras, and their fast, their not slowing us down at all, we're shooting just as fast as we had been shooting with 2-D cameras. We have some choices in mind (for Ava Lord), we haven't finalized the casting. She doesn't shoot for a couple weeks. Juno Temple just shot, she was fantastic. Her and Ray Liotta played together, they were amazing. Jeremy Piven shot just last night. We were shooting last night, all night. There are characters from the book. It might surprise people who they play and the turns that they do. Bruce (Willis) is back, so you'll be seeing him."
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It's been assumed by Jon Schnepp (director of Metalocalypse, Grimm's Fairy Tales) that Jeremy Piven is either going to be Agamemnon or Detective Mort, Ray Liotta might be Damien Lord, and Juno Temple might be Shelly.
We'll see if Jon Schnepp was right...
Jessica Alba (Nancy Callahan) revealed she'll be doing "a lot more dancing" in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

“I had to learn a bunch of dance sequences for it,” explained Jessica Alba, adding that she needed three months training to prepare for the role. “I do a lot more dancing in this one. It was kind of crazy. It was very, very difficult, and you'll see why.”
It's been confirmed that Eva Green is Ava Lord in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Ava Lord is described by Frank Miller as "Every man’s most glorious dreams come true, she's also every man's darkest nightmares. From the start, we knew that the actor would need to be able to embody the multifaceted characteristics of this femme fatale and we found that in Eva Green. We are ecstatic that Eva is joining us."

Also, it's now confirmed that Julia Garner is a stripper in the Long Bad Night segment written by Frank Miller for the film.
you know there's a thread over in the misc. film thread, right? it gets quite a bit of post circulation too.
I know there is an old thread on the misc. films board, I made this one here as a quick updated news source of facts without all the pages of discussions to go though.
Not a fan of Eva Green. She's attractive but not jaw droppingly like Hendricks would have been. She's not entirely a better actress either.
Not a fan of Eva Green. She's attractive but not jaw droppingly like Hendricks would have been. She's not entirely a better actress either.

Eva Green easily projects a certain sinister darkness appropriate for femme fatale Eva Lord. Christina Hendricks is far more attractive to me, but she projects warmth, wouldn't be as convincing to bring to life the scheming villainess that Eva Lord is.
Is that a fan poster in the OP?
Not a fan of Eva Green. She's attractive but not jaw droppingly like Hendricks would have been. She's not entirely a better actress either.

Eva Green can play a pretty convincing manipulative, seductive *****. I think she should be able to get the most out of the role.
Stacy Keach (Mike Hammer) has joined the cast as mob boss Wallenquist.

Back in 2009 Frank Miller attended one of Stacy Keach's stage performances of King Lear, and promised Stacy Keach "a powerful role" in Frank Miller's next film.

Jessica Alba said, "In Sin City 2, that one is probably the best experience of my career so far. Working with Robert (Rodriguez) and Frank (Miller) again was inspiring to watch them. They were already so seasoned before they came together for the first Sin City and just to see how they both have grown as artists. Then to see them come together again and how well they work together, its profound what they come up with and what they have done. All their dreams have become fully realized I feel like. When the process is this fun and exciting you know the product is going to be so cool."
Asked if the new story will have a more substantial arc for Nancy Callahan, she replied, "Yes. Yeah, I got to reunite with Bruce (Willis). And in the first one I didn’t get to work with Mickey (Rourke) because he shot his stuff separately, and in this one I got to work with Mickey so it was a dream come true. It was amazing. It was really, really cool."

Bruce Willis said, "I worked a few days on it. It's fantastic working with Jessica Alba and Robert Rodriguez again and his whole crew. I have a confidentiality agreement not to give away the story, but I love working with Robert and I love Austin (Texas)."
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Robert Rodriguez just posted these on his twitter.


(He said the rain probably won't be in the final movie)

Merge these ****ers.
More than one thread about a movie isn't rare. I made this thread here as a handy quick updated news source sum up of facts about the film without all the pages of discussions and speculations to go though.
That's Josh Brolin, literally almost unrecognizable as Dwight McCarthy! :)

Ehhh stretching... don't get me wrong, he looks badass, but that's very obviously Brolin.
Not a stretch from my own experience, since I did not recognize him at first.
On first glance I doubt anyone could say that's Brolin if they didn't know right off the bat by someone telling them. It looks good enough that he disappears into the makeup job.
Looks exactly like Brolin to me. I honestly can't see anything different about him.
The voice and mannerisms will be what sells it.
All Brolin needs to do to become unrecognizable is be in black-and-white?

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