Since there's gonna be an Evil Dead remake next year


Jul 13, 2011
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I think it could be good or decent.

Afterall a good horror movie remake is hard to find, there can be an occasional gem and a dozen misfires only to tarnish the legacy of the original.

Moviefone has made their top ten essential rules to making a good horror movie remake and it's advice to the filmmakers out there:

Who agrees with the rules, worst culprits and best examples?

On number 8 "Honor the original" they should had added Cat People (1982) and Night of the Living Dead (1990) there since those 2 honored the original movies.

The last 2 examples on worst culprits on number 5 "Stay away from Torture Porn" make no sense as i agree with Sarah on the comment that Last House on The Left and I Spit on Your Grave were originally torture porn films in the first place and were marketed as shocking gory exploitation films, i agree with her as well that if you look through the gore of the remakes you can find them to be decent.

I'm sure this new ED will fall on number 8 and 3 in between.
That list isn't really helpful and only states the obvious. I like the first rule though , don't make an R rated film into PG-13.
The Funny Games remake is a shot for shot reproduction made by the director of the original. I don't think that really counts as "honoring the original". Its the exact same film, but in English.

Hilarious since the next rule is No Carbon Copies.
Funny Games did had different dialogue than the original with a few memorable quotes.

Well what he means is on number 7 "No carbon copies" means that some horror movies just don't need improving like Omen and Psycho and if a filmmaker's plan of attack is to do a shot-to-shot scene-by-scene same script-by-script duplicate clone of a successful original you won't be surprise when they fail miserably, he's also right if we wanted to see the original we'd watch it.

Do you also agree on perfect horror movies that should never be remade like Rosemary's Baby, Poltergeist, American Werewolf in London and Jaws?

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