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Aug 3, 2012
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So, do many of you people read webcomics? Is this even the right forum for that?

Anyways; Sluggy Freelance!

It's one of the longest running webcomics out there, being published almost daily since 1997. Starts out as the typical computer geek gag comic, that basically all early webcomics were, but evolves into a much more story driven comic as it progress. The main characters are goofy but resourceful lead man Torg, his quiet inventor buddy Riff, and the half-Korean girl Zöe, as well as a colorful support cast.

The comic's start, back in the 90s, is pretty goofy, and most of the early story lines are silly sci-fi/fantasy/horror stories with roots in pop culture, but it gets more serious undertones as it goes along ("cerberus syndrom", if anyone know what that is). It is one of few stories I have ever read/watched that manage to be so goofy and funny, while still being highly emotionally/dramatically engaging.

Another cool thing about it, is that it's made by just one guy, Pete Abrams, so it's pretty consistent in plot etc. It's pretty stunning when elements that were featured five or more years ago, suddenly becomes vital to a current plot.

So yeah, if you haven't read it, and aren't scared away by my description, I highly encourage you to go start now! :oldrazz:

It is found at, the first comic being here:
ps; it features a killer pet rabbit. It's awesome.

Anyone who have read it? Opinions?
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